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Never Let You Go

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Okay. For Bec, who loves my fic even though she's already read up to Chapter 5. Here's the next two chapters. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Rachel stared with cold hatred at her kidnapper. Reverend Hall was rummaging around in a cabinet, looking for something. Rachel was tied up in her own house. The doors were locked and the blinds were pulled shut. Luckily, there was no gag over her mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she spat at Reverend Hall.

“Merely doing what’s right,” he replied, still searching through a cabinet.

“What’s right?” screeched Rachel. “What’s RIGHT? You’re kidnapping me in my own home and holding me hostage and you think that you’re doing what’s RIGHT?

“Yes, my lady,” Reverend Hall replied. He finally found what he was looking for and drew out a pistol.

Rachel screamed. “What is that gun doing in my house?” she gasped.

“I put it here, of course,” Reverend Hall said calmly.

Rachel had merely been angry before but now she realised that she was cold and shivering with terror. Life hadn’t been very easy for her the past few months – but she still didn’t want to die. “What – what are you going to do with it?” she quavered.

“Shoot you,” replied Reverend Hall, as calm as ever. “And anyone that tries to bash the door down and come in.”

“You won’t get away with this,” Rachel said.

“Oh yes I will,” said the Reverend. “You see Rachel, you did a terrible wrong by not having your child.”

This was a touchy subject for Rachel. “I DIDN’T HAVE AN ABORTION! I HAD A MISCARRIAGE!” she yelled at him.

“You expect me to believe that?” For the first time since he had tied her up he stared Rachel in the eyes and she saw there a coldness that terrified her even more.

He circled around Rachel, with the gun held out, his hand ready on the trigger. Rachel felt a tear fall from her eye. This man wasn’t sane, and he was going to rob her of her life. And what about Roman? She had to admit that she had slight feelings for him, and she wanted to see him again. And what about her family, what about her best friends Sally and Leah. This couldn’t be happening.

“You destroyed a life,” continued the Reverend. “What you did was as bad as murdering. Oh – and of course, you lay with a man before marriage. That is an unpardonable sin. Two wrongs don’t make a right, Rachel.”

“Leave me alone,” said Rachel, with gritted teeth. As soon as it came out of her mouth it sounded weak and pathetic. The Reverend laughed.

“You’ll never be let free, Rachel. Prepare for hell.”


The party at Ric’s was just starting. Music was playing and people were dancing, laughing and joking around. Sally smiled, watching the happy people have a good time. Except for Martha…she was sitting reading a newspaper and seemed to be biting back tears. Sally was just about to go and ask what was wrong when a piece of paper fell at her feet. She picked it up. One word was written on it. MILCO. Sally gasped, shocked. She looked up, and realised that she was standing beneath a window. She raced outside to see if she could catch who dropped it. But no-one was there.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. This was…terrifying. Who is doing this? she wondered.


Martha sat on the couch, feeling miserable. Over in the corner she saw Jack and Sam laughing together. Then Sam put her arm around Jack’s neck and kissed him. Martha turned away. She couldn’t watch. When she looked back again, Sam and Jack were still kissing. Martha choked back a sob and ran to the bathroom.

She dropped to the floor, feeling agony running through her like someone had stuck electric cords into her. Martha wondered if she had ever so much wanted to be Sam, in Jack’s arms then. Martha, you’re desperately, crazily in love, she told herself. And you’ve got to do something about it.


Geoff watched Mattie, her beautiful blonde hair swinging gently as she talked with Belle. God, she was beautiful! It’s now or never, Geoff told himself. He walked quietly up to Mattie, took her by the arm and drew her into a quiet corner.

“What are you doing, Geoff?” hissed Mattie.

“Um, Mattie…” said Geoff quietly. He was nervouser than he had ever been before.

“Yes?” asked Mattie, more softly. Geoff’s eyes were boring into her and she had a feeling she knew what he was going to say.

“Mattie, I fancy you. I might even love you,” said Geoff. Phew! He said quietly to himself. It had been said.

Mattie glanced over at Ric, who was watching her and Geoff. Mattie didn’t feel anything for Geoff apart from friendship…but she needed someone to help her through this hard period. Maybe being with Geoff would help. Without not really knowing what she was doing she pulled Geoff close to her and kissed him.


Ric glanced at Mattie. She was kissing Geoff, and he felt thrills of jealousy running through him. In the bathroom, Martha wiped away her tears and marched out into the party zone. She zeroed in on Jack, grabbed him away from Sam despite Sam’s annoyed, “Martha! What the HELL are you doing?” and pulled him into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked. “What are you doing back?”

Martha quickly explained how she had broken up, and how she had come to the wedding but Jack hadn’t seen her.

“And you’re saying…” said Jack slowly.

“I love you, Jack,” Martha said, her voice thick with emotion. “I always have from the moment you marched pompously into our party and told us off like we were naughty little kids.”

Jack laughed. “Martha…”


Jack looked down at Martha. Even with her eyes red from crying and her current unhealthy state she still looked beautiful. And Jack loved her.

“I love you too, Martha,” he whispered gently. “But it can’t happen. I love Sam and Rory and I have a commitment to them.”

“Stuff commitments!” said Martha with force in her voice. “I love you and you love me and we want to be with each other!! What more do you want?”

“Please, Martha, this can’t happen! I am not a cheater.” But Jack was weakening.


Tony talked with Roman about their training exercises. He found himself feeling nervous and edgy.

“And then 20 push-ups…” Roman talked on. He saw Tony looking vacant, and shook him slightly. “Hey mate! You listening?”

“Um, yep mate,” said Tony. “Listen, do you mind if I get a drink of water?”

“Are you okay?” asked Roman, looking slightly concerned.

“I think I just need some water,” said Tony, and excused himself. He got a drink of water and stood away from the partying crowds, with a sense of panic inside him.


Sally needed to go to the toilet. She excused herself and made her way to the bathroom. She saw Martha and Jack talking earnestly in their and they ran out as soon as they saw her.

“I hope everything’s all right,” Sally said quietly to herself. After she had used the toilet she checked the mirror to see if her makeup was holding out all right. The mirror was fogged up from a shower that someone had had just before the party. She was just about to rub it out when she realised that MILCO was written in the fog. She screamed and backed away. Then another note dropped through the bathroom window. MILCO.

Sally stared up at the window and there was a shabby man in tatty clothes staring through the window. She dashed outside around to the edge of the house where she knew the bathroom window was. He was still standing there, staring at her with a slight smile.

“What are you doing?” gasped Sally.

The man took her arm. “Hi Sal, I’m Miles Copeland and…I have a lot to tell you. Take a quick walk with me.”


The gun was poised at Rachel, ready to fire…


Tony felt something in him, an urge to go to Rachel’s place. Rachel was in trouble. He knew that and he had to help her. “Gotta go, Ric,” he gasped. “I hope I’ll be back,” and leaving a whole lot of people looking dazed he jumped in his car and zoomed straight over to Rachel’s.

He saw the blinds were drawn and the door was locked. He knocked loudy. “Rachel!” he yelled.

”HELP!” screamed Rachel from inside.

With a strength he didn’t know he had Tony bashed down the door. He ran in, ready to save the woman he loved, when a shot rang out…

Next Chapter:

Will Rachel survive? Mattie grows closer to Geoff as their relationship continues but still wants to be with Ric. Martha and Jack kiss but Sam finds out and she's not happy...and what has Miles got to tell Sally?

Here's the next one:

Chapter 3

WARNING: Contains violence.

Rachel fell, blood flowing from her stomach. Tony gasped; shocked; and at that moment he realised that he had finally loved again since Beth had died, and loved with all his heart. Rachel… he said softly, and bent down. He felt something hard touch his ear and jumped up.

The Reverend had a gun against his head. “It’s no use,” he intoned to Tony, softly and calmly, but with slightly panicked breathing. “I’ve saved her now.” Tony felt red-hot rage run through him and punched the Reverend harder than he had ever punched before. The Reverend cried out and fell to the ground. Tony grabbed the gun which had dropped from his hands and held it out. The Reverend, with nose bleeding and a black eye quickly developing, got up slowly. He saw that Tony had his gun and lifted his hands. His breathing turned loud and shallow, and he was panicking. “The Good Lord intended this, the Good Lord intended this,” he muttered over and over and over.

Tony grabbed his mobile with one hand, still keeping the gun outstretched, and quickly dialled Jack’s number.

“Dad? What’s up?” Jack asked. Tony noticed he sounded panicked. Maybe Jack had worked out that something was wrong.

“Jack, I need you and your police buddies at Rachel’s place RIGHT AWAY. There’s no time to lose. Rachel’s been shot. Come now.”

“Okay,” said Jack, his voice breaking a little. Tony pressed the END button and put the phone in his shirt pocket. He turned back to the Reverend. The Reverend had collapsed on the sofa, and seemed to have broken down. Tony advanced a little and the Reverend’s eyes rolled then closed shut. He had fainted. But for how long? Tony had to put the gun down and see how Rachel was. He held the gun in one hand then bent down before Rachel’s bleeding body. He put his head to her chest. He could hear a faint, faint heartbeat…

“Rachel,” he whispered softly. Rachel’s face looked pale and calm, like she knew that this was what had been destined for her. She couldn’t be dying…she couldn’t! If she’s going, Tony thought resolutely, then I’m going to give her something to help her to heaven. He bent his head down, and pressed his lips against Rachel’s. His first kiss with the woman he loved…and not exactly how he had imagined it.

Suddenly the door burst open and Jack ran in, still in his party clothes. Tony snapped up and Jack ushered him outside. An ambulance had also come and ambos rushed inside. They lifted Rachel on to a stretcher and carried her out. Another lot of ambos came in and put the still unconscious Reverend on another stretcher. Tony sadly watched them go. What to do now, he wondered. Quickly he picked up the phone and rang the Summer Bay Caravan Park.



Jack and Martha saw Sally leave the bathroom, and Martha quickly pulled Jack back in.

“Martha…” said Jack.

“Jack, we were meant to be,” said Martha fiercely. “And I know that there’s nothing that I want more.”

“I do too,” said Jack softly. He caressed Martha’s cheek. “But it can’t happen, Martha. That part of our lives is over, and you’ve just got to accept that.”

Martha started to cry. “But I don’t want to accept it!” she wailed. “I want everything to be how it used to…”

Jack pulled her in for a hug, and Martha cried into his shoulder. Jack gently rubbed her back. “Martha, it’s all right, you’ll meet someone else…”

Martha pulled back so her arms were still around Jack but she was looking up into his face. “But I don’t want to…” she said softly.

“You will, eventually,” said Jack, quietly. Somehow they seemed to be a lot closer. The teardrops on Martha’s eyelashes quivered and shone in the fluorescent bathroom light. Jack knew what was about to happen and struggled wildly – in his mind, for Martha’s arms around him was too wonderful to struggle against – for two seconds…


Martha reached up and kissed him. And then…she was in a starlit heaven, where all that existed was her and Jack, no jealous Sam, no disapproving Tony. A new song came on in the living room, and Martha heard it. Somehow it penetrated through to that starlit heaven, and the lyrics had a new meaning for her.

Doesn’t matter what I do now,

Doesn’t matter, what I say,

‘Coz somewhere in my heart I’m always…

Dancing with you in the summer rain…

Martha broke away from Jack and burst into tears again. Tears of pleasure. But tears of sadness, that a kiss like that couldn’t be experienced freely, without the knowledge that they were doing wrong. Jack smiled sadly. “Martha, why are you crying?” he whispered.

“I don’t know…I guess I’m happy…but sad, that this couldn’t have happened ages ago,” and she cuddled Jack again. She felt a bit hysterical but calmer than ever before at the same time. Jack looked at her and kissed her again, and Martha ran her hand through his hair.

“JACK!” screeched someone from the door. Jack and Martha snapped apart and slowly turned towards the door. Sam was there, and the expression on her face was fury. Not disappointment, not shock, but fury. Martha looked into her eyes and realised that Sam had known this was coming, but was angry still the less.

“Sam!” cried Jack. He tried to smooth his hair down where Martha had ruffled it.

“Jack,” said Sam in a cold, soft voice, “How could you? How could you? I thought you loved me.”

“Sam, it was just a kiss, it didn’t mean anything,” and Jack raced after her as Sam stomped unhappily off.

Martha gasped, shocked. “Just a kiss? Didn’t mean anything?” she whispered to herself. Maybe that was what Jack felt. Maybe he didn’t really love Martha—maybe he was just caught up in the romance of the whole thing and it was “just a kiss”.


Sam marched away, tears blinding her eyes. Jack, her love, had just cheated on her. She knew that he felt for Martha, but she thought that he’d managed to repress it and that he was fully in love with her (Sam) now. Obviously she had been wrong. Jack chased after her and grabbed her from behind. Sam growled and wriggled out of his clasp.

“Sam, I’m sorry!” Jack pleaded. “You’re my life!”

“Then why were you kissing Martha?” asked Sam, her voice full of ice.

“I don’t know, it was just an impulse thing! It didn’t mean anything.”

Sam started to relent and turned around but at that moment Jack’s mobile started going off. He answered it, and grew more and more panicky as he spoke to whoever was on the other end. Sam started to worry. What was wrong?


“What I wanted to tell you,” Miles continued, as he and Sally walked in the cool, starlit garden, “was that you and I are actually…”

Jack came running out before Miles could continue. “Who are you?” he asked Miles, then cut him off. “Doesn’t matter. Sal, Rachel’s been shot at her place, I’ve got to go. Can you wait at the hospital? I think Rachel would like to see you…that is, if she’s…well, can you go?”

Sal nodded, dazed, and headed for the car. Miles waved good-bye.



Rachel was hooked up to various machines. Her heartbeat was fluttering and she was unconscious still. In a hospital gown, with bandages on her stomach, she lay, still and pale, her voluminous curly hair lying in strands across her face. Her heartbeat was shown on a screen. Tony sat there, beside her, sick with worry.

In another room, lying in a heavy, drugged sleep, the Reverend lay, muttering to himself in his sleep and groaning. Tony remembered how angry he had felt at the truck driver who had killed Beth. He didn’t feel the same about the Reverend. Maybe it was because the Reverend was obviously sick, and couldn’t help his actions. Suddenly something clicked in Tony’s mind.

“Those other girls who were attacked…” he thought to himself. “They had all done something that was considered wrong by Christians…or did they?” He racked his brains. Gloria was definitely the type of girl who had lain with men before marriage lots of times. Martha used to be a pole dancer. Sam was very close to being attacked. She was followed in the carpark that day. What had Sam done? And what about Julie, the nice nurse who Tony went on a date with? Maybe the Reverend was just crazy, that’s all.

But that’s it! Tony said out loud. The Reverend is the hospital attacker! He gave Rachel’s hand a pat and ran off to tell Jack what he thought.


Mattie and Geoff sat in the waiting room. Tony had just run off to tell Jack something, and was going to take the two home after that. Geoff had a strong, muscular arm around Matilda and she appreciated it, though not as much as she had ever loved the feel of Ric’s touch.

“I can’t believe it,” said Mattie softly. “Rachel…”

Geoff put both arms around Mattie and she pressed her face into his jacket. Mattie needed comforting—badly. She moved into Geoff’s lap and they cuddled closely, sharing the dull grief that everyone that evening who had been a friend of Rachel’s had felt. Sally saw Mattie in Geoff’s lap and smiled sadly. Sal wondered whether Geoff was just a rebound guy for Matilda, or whether she really and truly felt something for him.

Matilda was wondering the same thing. The truth was, it was a mix between the two. She looked up at Geoff and murmured, “Thank you.” Geoff smiled down at her. He had never had a girlfriend before – apart from Tam, and that didn’t really count. Matilda was a dream come true. Sally went in to visit Rachel, and Geoff kissed Matilda. Matilda curled up in his lap and put her arms around his neck. She was sort of happy. Well, not really. Her life wasn’t happy. Rachel might be going to die and Ric had left her, and was having a baby with Viv. But the position that she was in was sort of happy. She didn’t mind being in Geoff’s arms – for now.

Chapter 4: Miles grows closer to Sally and they become good friends. However he doesn't seem to want to tell her anything anymore. Mattie & Geoff go out on a romantic date and Ric sees and is REALLY jealous. Jack ignores Martha, angry because his relationship with Sam is now on the rocks. Rachel is in a coma and may not live. Henk leaves Cassie, and something awful happens to Dom...


So there you go guys! Two chappies for you. The next one will be up soon. Currently writing Chapter 6. This is a really fun story to write!!! My teachers don't get me to write dramatic stories with madmen and love and craziness like that at school!

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Okay. For Bec, who loves my fic even though she's already read up to Chapter 5

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet...I'm lucky :)

still love it...I love where you going with this fic Meggie :)

He circled around Rachel, with the gun held out, his hand ready on the trigger. Rachel felt a tear fall from her eye. This man wasn’t sane, and he was going to rob her of her life. And what about Roman? She had to admit that she had slight feelings for him, and she wanted to see him again. And what about her family, what about her best friends Sally and Leah. This couldn’t be happening.

This may not be a very big sentance but it say's alot...

She dropped to the floor, feeling agony running through her like someone had stuck electric cords into her. Martha wondered if she had ever so much wanted to be Sam, in Jack’s arms then. Martha, you’re desperately, crazily in love, she told herself. And you’ve got to do something about it.

so powerful Meggie...so powerful

Mattie and Geoff sat in the waiting room. Tony had just run off to tell Jack something, and was going to take the two home after that. Geoff had a strong, muscular arm around Matilda and she appreciated it, though not as much as she had ever loved the feel of Ric’s touch.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... :wub:

I could just see Mattie and Geoff in the future

well update soon...i cant wait to read chappy 6

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Hey guys, here it is :) Hope you like it. Chapter 5 will be up soon and then BTTB will be very up to date as I haven't written Chapter 6 yet lol. And you JM fans are gonna kill me! But don't worry...I have a plan...

Chapter 4

Cassie decided to leave the hospital and go home to the caravan that she shared with Henk at the Summer Bay Caravan Park. Naturally Henk wasn’t really welcome at the party. No-one had said so but everyone had felt it and Henk had decided to stay at the caravan. Cassie had sent him a mobile text when the news spread that Rachel was shot, and everyone zoomed over to the hospital, telling him that she was going to go to the hospital and then come home. Henk had texted back, Okay. Luv ya, gawjuzz. But that had been a while ago. Cassie had spent a bit longer at the hospital than she had planned. Cassie hoped Henk wasn’t mad. But then Henk didn’t really get mad – he was wonderful and gorgeous and perfect.

Cassie found Sally. “Hey Sal, do you think you could drive me home?” she asked.

“Sure, Cass, I’d be happy to,” said Sally. “I think I’ll come back afterwards.”

So Sally and Cassie drove home in silence. Once at the caravan park Cassie hopped out, gave Sal a hug and went to the caravan.

“Hey baby!” she called. “I’m back!” Cassie opened the door. That was funny. The lights were dark. Maybe Henk got tired and went to bed. She found her keys and went inside, and turned on the lights. She was about to call Henk’s name, when she saw an envelope sitting on the kitchen bench. In Henk’s small, slanted handwriting, there was a word on the front.


Weird, thought Cassie. She ripped open the letter, and scanned the page quickly. It became harder and harder to read as her eyes misted up with tears. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and collapsed on the sofa, huddled in a little ball, sobbing, in her own, despair-filled little world.

Because Henk had left her. He had written that he really couldn’t do this anymore, and that he didn’t want to be tied down. Cassie couldn’t believe how heartless she had been! Henk would never do that! He loved her. He had told her a million times that he loved her and that he always had, since the moment he saw her. So WHY? WHY!? WHY??????? Cassie made her way to the bed that was too big for just her, and cried herself to sleep.


The next morning, Sally woke up. Light streamed in through the windows and the sun shone brightly. How dare the sun shine, she thought angrily, when Rachel was dying in hospital? Sally felt angry at everything that had happened, but also depressed and flat. It was a weird combination. As she walked downstairs she noticed that she had overslept. “Damn,” she whispered to herself. In the kitchen, there was a note on the table from Ric. It read:


Gone to work. You were still asleep and I didn’t want to wake you. I’m going to drop in at the hospital on the way, and text you to tell you how Rachel’s doing. I’ll be back at five.


Sally checked her mobile, and sure enough, there was a text.


Rachel is not any better or worse than last night. Still in coma. Doctors don’t know whether she’ll wake up. Tony seems really sad. Wonder why??


Sal sighed, and poured herself a bowl of muesli. As she lifted the spoon to her mouth she realised she wasn’t really very hungry. Maybe seeing Cassie would cheer me up, she decided. She made her way in her nightie to Cassie’s caravan, and knocked on the door. No-one answered. “Cassie? Henk?” she called. “Hello?” She walked in to the caravan, and saw Cassie, lying in a little curled up ball, all cried out, and in the throes of despair.



Miles made his way into the caravan park. Roman, the nice man who had given him some food, had actually given him a job at the caravan park last night! Miles had been really elated. Roman had also let him stay at his flat, and given him some of his clothes, and given him a razor to shave with. Roman had been really sad – he and Miles had talked about it. A girl that Roman loved had been shot, and Roman was really glad of Miles’ company. Miles looked like a new man – shaven, clean and, well, actually handsome. Except Miles didn’t think this. The thought never crossed his mind that he was handsome. Miles hadn’t had anything to do with women or being attractive to women for years – not since his wife had died in a car accident ten years ago, his little baby son with her. And now, Miles was earning pay and was fairly respectable looking. He had enquired of the local busybody, Colleen, what the prices were like at Summer Bay Caravan Park, and they seemed pretty good. He couldn’t stay at Roman’s forever. Also, Sally run it. And Miles wanted to be friends with Sally. There was so much that he had to tell her, when the time was right. He had tried to rush it last night, when Sally didn’t even know who he was. And dropping notes and words in sand – what was he thinking? He would have freaked her out way to much to understand anything that he had to tell her.

Miles shambled up to the house, and knocked on the door. It swung open and there was Sally. Miles’ stomach lurched. He had so much to tell her, and not being able to felt like someone was pulling at his heartstrings till they were almost snapping. She stood there – in a loose, cool white T-shirt, and a knee-length swooshy lilac skirt. Her large eyes and broad forehead made up a beautiful face, though the eyes had dark circles of tiredness and worry beneath them. Long black hair swung around her elbows. When she saw him, her eyes widened in recognition. Even though this day Miles looked a lot different from last night, Sally still knew who he was. “It’s you…” she whispered.

“I know,” Miles cut her off. “Please…I’m sorry about the notes. I would really appreciate it if you DIDN’T mention it, or talk about it. It was silly of me…” Miles realised he was rambling and blushed.

“Okay,” said Sally softly. Miles knew she was confused. “Um…so…is there anything you wanted to tell me?”

“Well, I’ve got a job at the Diner,” said Miles brightly, “and I’m earning pay, so I was wondering if I could book a caravan for the next, oh, couple of weeks?”

“Of course,” said Sally. “I’d love to have you here. And um – I’ll give you a discount!” she added.

“Are…you sure?” Miles asked slowly. It was obvious she felt the connection too, and liked him.

“Of course.” Sally walked Miles in, and they discussed caravan booking details.


Martha emerged from the sea in a bikini, her tanned body wet and shiny all over. As she walked on to the hot, white sand, she sighed happily. Being in the ocean always seemed to minimize her problems, no matter how big they were. She walked over to her towel and saw Jack, on his own, heading down towards her. She ran up to him, and felt a surge of love to him. “Jack!” she said, and smiled at him. Even though he had been very dismissive of their kiss when explaining it to Sam, she was SURE that he felt the same way.

Martha felt the surge of love be mixed in with a bitter surge of disappointment and confusion as Jack stared at her stonily for a second, then turned away and walked quickly towards the ocean, carrying his surfboard. “Jack!” Martha ran after him. “What’s wrong?”

“Sam is mad at me now because of our kiss,” said Jack shortly, still not looking at Martha. “It was wrong of us and it shouldn’t have happened. I think it would be better if we didn’t talk to each other anymore.”

“But Jack…” pleaded Martha weakly.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Martha,” said Jack, and headed in to the waves, silently cursing himself for being so horrible to the woman he loved. Martha watched him go, and collapsed on the sand in bitter tears.


Matilda sat, stirring a coffee idly, in the Diner. Geoff came in and sat down at her table. “Hi Mattie.” He smiled at her, those gorgeous eyes of his lighting up. Mattie smiled back, and kissed him. Geoff looked pleased and surprised. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Mattie knew that it was really Ric she wanted to be kissing…but…Geoff was nice and sweet and kind, and it was nice to have him there for her.

“Hey Mattie,” said Geoff, “how would you like to go on a dinner date with me tonight?”

“Oooh, that sounds lovely!” exclaimed Mattie. “I think I need something cheerful to take my mind off the whole Rachel thing.” Ric walked in, unnoticed by Geoff and Mattie.

“Oh, great. So I’ll pick you up at seven?” said Geoff. Mattie downed the rest of her coffee and grinned. “Yep, sure. Hey, I’ve got my bathers on underneath this…do you want to head down to the beach for a swim?”

“Sure!” said Geoff. As they walked out, Mattie put her arm around Geoff. Ric watched, and felt jealous.


Rachel lay, still in a coma, and Tony held her hand.

Chapter 5:

NEXT CHAPTER: Sally starts to fall for Miles, but the connection that Miles and Sally have is not romantic, however Sally can't understand what Miles means when he says this. Rachel pulls through and two mens'arms are waiting for her - shall she choose Tony or Roman?

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