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Never Let You Go

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Well, hi guys, I'm Meg, new to this board, he he. This is my very first fan fiction. You guys probably won't like it much. There's no sex, not much violence, but a lot of love and drama!! I'll just post the summary etc. here and then the first chappie.

Name: Never Let You Go

Type: Long Fic

Main Characters: Everyone really.

BTTB Rating: G/T [might change if I decide to make it a bit more exciting]

Genre:Angst, love, drama

Any Warnings:Well, like I said, it's very tame. But there may be sexual references and a bit o' violence.

Spoilers:Probably a few.

Summary: Well, basically it starts of from last year's season finale. The storylines covered include Dom/Drew/Belle, Reverend Hall/Rachel, Martha/Jack/Sam, Cassie/Henk, Sally/Mysterious Milco Man, etc. Some things will be the same as the stuff that's already happened on the show, and some will be different. Just a few quick spoilers for upcoming chapters:

Rachel is a bad girl

Sam is a worse girl

Jack & Martha have LOTS of drama, fights and struggle with their growing feelings for each other

Henk does something unimaginably horrible.

Hope you like......

Chapter 1

Oh my god. That’s freaky, Sally thought. She walked around the words written in the sand for a closer look. MILCO. She had just been talking about her old imaginary friend, Milco, to her little daughter Pippa. There were footsteps leading away from the sand message. I wonder who wrote it, she mused. Milco was not a very usual word. Maybe someone had overheard her talking to Pippa and had decided to freak her out.

“Mumma, come on!” said Pippa, stamping her foot.

“Yep, I’ll be right there honey,” replied Sally distractedly. “Why don’t you play with the beach ball for a sec?”

Sally continued to study the words. Maybe she was hallucinating. I hope I’m not ill, she thought. I wouldn’t like to get feverish just before Ric’s party. “Okay, I’m coming, sweetheart,” she called to Pippa.

Pippa skipped ahead and Sally followed, still staring at those words. Off the beach they went, mother and daughter.


Ric poured himself a glass of lemonade – “NO ALCOHOL” Sally had said very firmly before the party – and sauntered over to the couch. Not many people had turned up yet – it was still an hour before the party was due to start – and he was not allowed in the kitchen, where the cake was being made. He looked at the decorations all around the room and smiled. What a great family Ric had.

The door swung open and Pippa raced in and jumped into Ric’s arms. “Ricky!” she yelled.

“Hey, Pipsqueak,” said Ric, giving her a cuddle. Sally followed, looking a bit worried and distracted.

“Hey, Sal,” he said to her. Sally merely smiled a worried smile back.

He put Pippa down and walked up to Sal. “Is everything okay?”

“Not really,” sighed Sal. “You remember my imaginary friend that I had when I was a kid? Milco?”


“Well, I was telling Pippa about him at the beach today. And when I walked on a few paces, there was a word written in the sand. Milco.”

“Maybe someone overheard you and was playing a joke.”

“Well, that’s what I thought…maybe we were being spied on.”

“Sal, I don’t think it’s that extreme. Relax.”

“Okay,” she said. “How’s the cake going?”

“Well, Colleen, Irene and Leah are locked up in the kitchen doing something elaborate with icing, and I’m not allowed to see. It really was great for you guys to do all this for me.”

“No prob,” Sally grinned. “I’m sure you guys would do the same for me.”

The door opened again, and Tony bounced through in his usual energetic manner. “Hey mate!” he said. “Happy birthday!” He shook hands with Ric. Lucas came in and gave Ric a pat on the back.

“Want something to drink?” Sally asked, waving her hand towards the bottles of Coke, Solo and orange juice on the table.

“Thanks, Sal,” grinned Tony, and poured him and Lucas a drink.

Lucas glanced towards the door, then rolled his eyes.

“What?” asked Tony.

“Matilda,” said Lucas in a grim voice.

“I’ll deal with it,” said Tony quickly.

“No, let me,” said Lucas. Tony shrugged. “Okay, mate.”

Lucas ran out through the front door. What was going on? wondered Ric.


Lucas ran through Sally’s front door and reached the car that he, Tony and Matilda had driven here in. Matilda had gotten out of the car when they arrived, smiling sweetly, but must have run back to the car. He saw Matilda, looking grumpy, sitting in the passenger seat with her feet up on the dashboard.

“Matilda, don’t be a baby,” said Lucas. Matilda turned up her nose. “I’m not being a baby. I just don’t want to see Ric. He cheated on me…remember?”

“Actually, he didn’t cheat on you,” said Lucas. “You were split up when he slept with Viv.”

“Yeah, like ten minutes earlier! Any boy that can do that is a sleep-around with no feelings or consideration.”

“You told him it was over, Matilda.”

“You don’t get it, Lucas!!”

“You’re right, I don’t get it. But Ric is still willing to be friends.”

“Him maybe, but I don’t want to ever see him again.”

“Look, if you don’t come, Sally’s going to be hurt and Ric will be hurt and the party won’t be the same without you. So come in now!!”

“Fine, fine, fine I’ll come. But I am NOT going to speak to Ric.”

“You don’t have to,” said Lucas, silently triumphing.

Matilda got out of the car, looking very annoyed and cross but very pretty.


Matilda marched in. On the outside her look was mad and angry, but on the inside she felt wobbly and sad. She had tried so hard to avoid Ric since Sam and Jack’s wedding. She had worked so hard not to see him, because if she did then she knew that she would fall back into his arms. She loved him, for god’s sake. But he had hurt her so bad, and she didn’t want to go back to a relationship where that might happen again. And now she had to see him again. “Be strong, Matilda Hunter,” she said quietly. “You and Ric weren’t meant to be, and the love you have for him will eventually go.”

She felt like crying as she walked in and saw a few people scattered around. One stood out with a bright light shining all around him, as he always did. Ric. Matilda felt the strongest longing she had ever felt just to run to him and tell him that she forgave him, that she loved him, that they were meant to be. No, Matilda, she thought. Ric saw her and smiled softly. She moved her mouth into a grim scowl. It was one of the hardest things she had ever done. He came up to her. “Hi, Mattie,” he said.

She turned away with a toss of her blonde hair. It whipped Ric in the face and made him jump. He sighed and shook his head. She got a glass of orange juice and sat down, feeling tired and broken in spirit. The next guest at that eventful party arrived – Martha walked through the door. Matilda forgot Ric immediately. Martha looked worse than she had ever seen her. Her eyes had lost that sparkle and her hair was unwashed, hanging in straggly strands around her pale face. Matilda saw that she looked unhealthily skinny and that there were pimples on Martha’s usually perfect complexion. Also, Martha had supposedly left town with Michael – what was she doing back??

“Martha!” said Matilda, and jumped up to meet her. “What’s wrong?”

“What do you think?” said Martha, in the bitter cold voice of a person who has given up hope.

“Did something happen with Michael?” asked Matilda.

“Mmmm,” replied Martha. “I came back, Matilda, and Michael left me.”

“Oh no,” breathed Matilda.

“And then…I went to Jack and Sam’s wedding…I don’t know what I was going to do, stop it maybe, just tell Jack one last time that I loved him for God’s sake” – Martha’s voice was growing in emotion but it hardened again – “but I was too late. Jack and Sam are now married. And Sam and Tony saw me but I ran away before Jack did.”

“Oh, Martha,” said Matilda. “It’s okay.” Martha turned swiftly and left the room, surprising Mattie.

Mattie sat down on the couch again, filled with sadness. Poor Martha! How much she had gone through! And she still loved Jack—with a passionate, unrequited love. Mattie had always sort of felt that Jack and Martha still loved each other, but had never wanted to say anything – after all, Jack and Sam were a happy couple and Jack and Martha had split up for a reason.

The door swung open, and Ric, who had been chatting with Luc in the corner, ran forward to greet them. Matilda craned her head to see around Ric and find out who the newcomers were. Belle, Geoff, Irene and Annie were all bunched up in the doorway. Belle came through and sat down next to Matilda. “Hi, Matster, what’s up?”

“Martha’s back and she’s not very happy – or healthy,” said Matilda.

“What happened?” replied Belle promptly.

Matilda told the whole story. “God, that’s sad,” said Belle. “I hope Mac will be okay.”

“We’ll have to help her through. And how’s you, Belle?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Belle. “Dom went into surgery just an hour ago, and I totally blew it by telling him that I loved him.”

“WHAT?” shrieked Mattie. Everyone turned and looked at her. She blushed and turned back to Belle.

“It just came out of my mouth when he was being wheeled away. I didn’t mean it to happen. And you’re going to think I’m crazy but I think it might be true...”

“Belle, he captured you! You can’t be in love with him!”

“I know! Sometimes, Mattie, I hate him so hard for all he’s done. And sometimes, I love him so crazily that it’s all I can do to stop myself from running to him. And the same feeling with Drew…ahhhh God, life is so hard!”

Mattie was quiet, thinking over Belle’s words. Sometimes, Mattie, I hate him so hard for all he’s done. And sometimes, I love him so crazily that it’s all I can do to stop myself from running to him. That was her feelings about Ric. Absolutely.

“It’s okay, Belle,” she said, putting her arm around her friend. “I understand.”

Chapter 2:

A Summer Bay hottie takes a fancy to Mattie. Will she go to him to help herself forget about Ric? Martha confronts Jack. Sally gets more and more confused as the word MILCO keeps appearing everywhere around her. And Rachel is being held captive by Reverend Hall while the party goes on. Will anyone rescue her in time?

Please tell me what you think. I REALLY hope it is satisfactory...I'm a bit nervous as it's my very first fiction. I've already written the first five chapters so they should be up pretty soon. Comments needed!!

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nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha MEG...YOUR BUSTED TEEHEE...

Haha it wont be long before your hooked on BTTB just like the rest of us :)

Welcome...to the first day of the rest of your life :D

anyway...It's Bec :) and I've already read all 5 of your chappies on your site and I still love it so you know all about my comments :)

update soon hun and...welcome to BTTB ;)

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Bec you'll be far ahead of everyone else, because you'll read them on the site, where they are about 5 chappies ahead. BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT UPCOMING EVENTS. *frowns and wags a finger*

Although I know it's hard not to tell people what's going to happen...I'm terribel at that... <_<

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I...WONT...TELL...A...SOUL..........promise :)

I'm your girl Meggie :)

nah I dont want to spoil it for everyone else, you are a great writer and I want everyone to find that out themselves :)

I'm off now...gotta write another chappy to my fic :D

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