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You're Not Alone

Guest valli

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Story title: You're not alone

Type of story: Oneshot

BttB rating: A

Main characters: Mostly Martha, new character Yvonne and Belle

Genre: Drama/Anger

Any warnings: Violence/Death

Does the story include spoilers: Yes, some for non-aus.

Summary: Summer Bay celebrate Belle's birthday, but someone isn't in a party mode...

Some of you may have noticed that I changed the story a bit. The first one sucked, so I wrote another one :P For those of you who reads "Love has arrived," an update is just around the corner (finally! :P). The only thing you need to know before you read the story, is that the break-up between Belle and Drew never happened, and Belle's pregnant.

Enjoy :D

You're not alone

The rain was pouring down from the sky and everyone with a bit of common sense would have stayed inside. Belle stood with her arms wrapped around herself, trying to stay warm. She had needed some fresh air when it had started to rain. And now she was soaking wet and cold. This was not good for the baby, she knew that. But for some reason, she couldn’t get herself to go back inside. Everyone else was having fun, celebrating her birthday.

“Taylor!” she heard Drew’s voice from behind her. She turned around and looked at the man with black, curly hair who came running towards her. He stopped in front of her and studied her.

“Taylor, why are you out here? You’re going to get sick and it’s not good for the baby either,” he said and put his arm on her shoulder. Belle shrugged.

“I don’t know, I just don’t want to go inside. I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen…” Belle said and looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so why did she have this feeling?

“Taylor, what’s the worst that can happen? The cake falls on the floor?” Drew giggled.

“It’s not funny!” Belle said and gave Drew a push. That made Drew giggle even more. He started to sound like a girl. Belle rolled her eyes and started to walk back inside, with the giggling Drew right behind. Even though Drew could be a real pain in the arse sometimes, she still loved him and he was right. What was the worst that could happen?


Martha knew that she shouldn’t be feeling jealous. After all, it was she who had dumped Roman, not the other way around. But there he was, dancing with Leah, and she couldn’t help herself. She felt jealous. She knew that if she’d turn around, she would face someone who felt the same: Jack. It was rather irritating at times. Wherever she went, he was always there somewhere. She blamed him for the break-up with Roman. She had gotten paranoid and she felt that Roman didn’t trust her anymore, so she had ended things.

“Would the lady fancy a dance?”

The question pulled Martha out of her own thoughts and back to reality. Aden stood behind her with a big grin around his face. Martha frowned.

“What do you think?” she waved him off.


Geoff looked at Martha and Aden. Maybe he should go over to them and tell Aden to leave Martha alone? No, she seemed to manage that on her own.

“Having fun?”

Annie stood next to Geoff and studied the people who were dancing.

“No, not really. By the way, where did Belle and Drew go?”

“Belle went outside and I think Drew followed,” Annie answered and looked around for Drew. At that moment, Belle and Drew came back in.

“Ah, there they are.” Geoff said and walked over to them.

“Happy birthday, Belle!” he said and lent a bit closer, suggesting that he wanted to give her a hug. Belle saw what he was trying to do, and gave him a hug.

“Thank you,” Belle smiled. Geoff smiled back, before he went back to Annie. Belle’s smile faded the minute Geoff wasn’t looking.

“Taylor…” Drew said accusingly. “It’s your birthday. Stop worrying about everything that might go wrong.”

“I know, but I just can’t help it. Something bad is going to happen. I just know it…”


She had waited for quite some time now. She was soaking wet and really cold, but she knew that it would be worth it when she had fulfilled her task. Her clothes were sticking to her body and her hair was hanging down over her shoulders. She looked like the typical sexy woman in movies. But she didn’t feel sexy. She felt the anger taking over her body and she wanted to run inside and kill everyone there. But it was too soon…


Aden was annoyed and wondered why he had even bothered to show up. All the girls had rejected him and all the guys looked like they wanted to bash him whenever he went close to one of the girls. To them he was still the bad boy who would never learn. But he had learned.

This is what happens when you get stuck in a small town. No one will ever forget your past,’ Aden hissed to himself and had one last look before he left.


She had decided that it was time. She got up and went inside.

“Well, well, well. We meet again,” she smirked and enjoyed watching everyone’s face. They looked shocked, but most of all surprised. No one would have expected her to show up.

“Yvonne, what are you doing here? Looking for a guy to sleep with?”

It was common knowledge that Yvonne and Martha couldn’t stand each other, so it was natural that Martha would be the first to have a go at her.

“I’ll ignore that comment,” Yvonne replied and pulled out something from underneath her sweater. A pant went through the room, when people realized what she was holding.

“Yvonne, put it down!” Jack yelled and pointed at the guy Yvonne was now holding in her hand.

“And ruin all the fun? I don’t think so,” she said and a badly hidden smile appeared. “Everyone against the wall. Now!”

Everyone did as they were told. Jack made sure that he stood close to Martha, and for once, she didn’t mind.

“Oh, and happy birthday, Belle. Hope you have a good one,” Yvonne said with a high level of sarcasm in her voice.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why? Why? Can’t you see why? It’s because to you, I’m nothing but a rebound girl! Always there for the guys with the broken heart. But I’ve had enough! It’s time for my revenge!” Yvonne screamed and pointed the gun at Martha. Martha swallowed the lump in her throat and tried not to show how scared she was.

“Do you really think that you’re the only girl who has been considered a rebound girl? Then let me tell you: You’re not alone,” Martha said and tried to walk closer in a desperate attempt to get closer to the gun, so she could take it away from Yvonne.

“Stay where you are!” Yvonne exclaimed. Martha immediately went back to the wall and tried not to cry. No way if she was going to show that she was terrified!

“I don’t care if any other girl has been considered a rebound girl. Because there’s more to it than that. They sleep with me, tell me their darkest secret, and then forget about me. And I don’t want it to be like that!”

“It doesn’t have to be like that…” Belle tried to calm her down. Yvonne looked angry at her and pointed the gun towards her stomach.

“Shut up! We don’t want anything bad to happen with the baby, do we?”

“Please don’t…”

“I said, shut up!”

While arguing with Belle, Yvonne failed to notice that Aden had returned. He snuck close to her and was about to throw himself at her when she noticed him and drove her elbow into his stomach, so he fell to the floor.

“Bad move!” she hissed. “Back against the wall!”

Aden tried to get back on his feet, but failed and had to crawl over to the wall.

“Now, I’ve had enough of this. You guys are stupid! I’m sick of being judged all the time, even when all I wanted, was a good friend!”

Tears appeared in her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away.

“It’s not too late…” Belle started, but quickly got interrupted.

“I thought I told you to shut up! It’s time to finish this. The one the gun points at when I stop, is the one that will never live to see tomorrow,” she said and started turning; the gun went from one person to the other. Everyone was quiet. No one wanted to be the one to die. Then she stopped. Her finger went closer to the trigger, before she pulled the trigger and a loud bang filled the room. One body fell to the floor. Everyone looked shocked at it.

Because the body on the floor… It was Yvonne’s.


Now, this one sucked too, I know :P Well, I'm glad that you took the time to read it, it'll be appreciated if you left a comment. Thank you :P


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