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Oh yeah, and what happened to Gabby? Or did I miss something? Did she die? :unsure:

Martha doesn't really know what happened to Gabby except that one day she was gone. All the people around her pretty much just assumed she was dead but it was never confirmed :)

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Hey, I just caught up with this story and I love it :D It's really good. Like the others, I can sense that the baby will be stillborn. And I think I understood the beginning :(

And I love your video :wub: Sad, but excellent :D Wish I could make videos like that, but Windows Movie Makes keeps shutting down every time I try >_<

Anyway, love this story. Please update soon :D

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Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks there's something wrong with the baby. I have the same bad feeling as everyone else. :( I really hope the baby is just being lazy. <_<

I love the interaction between Jack and Martha at the beginning of the chapter. :wub:

More please!

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aw yay i just found this and i love it :wub:

but not so much if what everyones saying is true..

maybe we just over analyse things,

i hope so.

the first chapter was really sad, i think i get it. but i hope i'm wrong :(

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