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Because You Live

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I was just re-reading the first chapter and I realise I made a mistake. I said that JM had that conversation when they were 16 which is true but Martha said her sister would be 28. But really her sister is supposed to be 28 in present day so her sister would have been *counts* 24 when they had that conversation. I'm going to go and edit it but I thought I would just clear it up first.

Anyways, heres and update. Sorry its short :)

Chapter 2: From This Moment

She looked at him. She had been waiting to hear those words for what seemed like forever. But now that he had finally said them, she couldn’t speak. Her eyes swam with tears. She knew her answer before he had even asked.

“Yes,” she whispered.

The first tear slid down her face. She giggled and quickly wiped it away with her hand.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked.

He knew he sounded stupid but he just wanted to make sure he wasn’t pressuring her. He wanted to make sure it was what she really wanted. That she wasn’t just saying so he wouldn’t get upset.

“Because if it’s not what you really want…”

“Jack,” Martha laughed, “Yes, I’m sure. Yes, it’s what I really want.”

Jack smiled.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Martha squealed, pulling him towards her, the whispered into his ear, “Yes I’ll marry you.”

Fourteen Years Earlier

Martha ran into her big sister’s room and jumped onto the bed. She loved Gabrielle’s room. She’d always thought it looked like princess room. The walls were painted a light purple, they were the colour of candy. She had double doors at the end of the room that led out onto a balcony.

Framing the doors were white curtains with dangly pink and purple beads hanging from the top of the doors. When her sister had been in Year 9, she’d made a beautiful purple canvas with all different types of material stuck on and pearls hanging from it, which hung proudly on the left.

She had the normal stuff; bed, desk etc, all with little purple decorations. And In the far corner she had the most adorable little white dressing table with jewelry and photos hanging off it. Right at the top of the mirror sat her tiara that she had got at the Royal Easter Show when they had gone for the first time the year before.

Her sister sat at her desk. She was cutting and pasting something.

“Whatchya doing,” Martha asked, swinging her legs around, which were too short to reach the floor.

“Scrap booking,” Gabby murmured, not lifting her head.

“What’s that?” Martha asked again in her annoying kiddy voice.

“Come here and I’ll show you,” Gabby said, swinging around and inviting Martha over.

Martha grinned and jumped off the bed and onto her sister’s lap. Gabby opened the book to the first page. Martha gasped, it was beautiful.

The page was yellow and had little pink beads stuck around as a border. In pink letters it said “Gabby’s Life’, though Martha didn’t know that because she couldn’t read well yet.

“What is it though?” Martha asked, still not quite understanding.

“It’s a book about what my life is going to be like when I’m older,” Gabby explained, brushing away a piece of Martha’s hair that had fallen around her face.

“But how do you know what your life is going to be like?” Martha asked, still confused.

“I don’t. But it’s how I imagined my life is going to be. I cut out pictures from magazines and stuck them in. Look,” Gabby flicked the page, “here’s me where I’m going to live.”

It was a picture of a city cut out from a magazine. Gabby had stuck a picture of her own head onto another girl’s body who was in the picture. Martha was fascinated at how clever her sister was.

Gabby continued to flick the pages, one by one. ‘My job’. ‘My clothes.’ ‘My house.’ ‘My family.’

Finally she turned to the page she had been working on. ‘My wedding.’

“Wow,” Martha breathed.

“I want to get married in a little chapel over the water,” Gabby said, pointing to a picture of a cute little church. “That’s my dress.” She pointed to a picture she had cut out of a bridal magazine.

It was strapless dress, with cream pears sewed on here and there. It was wonderful. Martha traced her small finger over of it. She looked at Gabby.

“Can I come to your wedding?” she asked.

Gabby smiled and pointed to a picture or Martha she had stuck on.

“Your going to be my bridesmaid.”

Martha giggled, “You are going to be mine as well.”

When Martha woke up the next day, Gabby was gone.

Martha tried to get to sleep. She couldn’t. She kept thinking of her six-year-old self, and her promise she had made to her big sister.

A promise that she couldn’t keep. Jack sighed in his sleep and slid his arm his arm around her side. Martha smiled to herself and snuggled into him. She had to try and forget about Gabby, if she didn’t she knew she couldn’t get married.

From now on it was about her and Jack.

(I do swear that I'll always be there. I'd give anything

and everything and I will always care. Through weakness

and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better, for worse,

I will love you with every beat of my heart.)

From this moment life has begun

From this moment you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed

I live only for your happiness

And for your love I'd give my last breath

From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart

My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment on


Song: From This Moment by Shania Twain

Next Chapter: Perfect Day

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That was a great chapter! :D

Martha said yes. They're getting married. :wub:

Martha and Gabby were so close. It must have been so hard for Martha when Gabby left. :(

I liked the way you described Gabby's room and scrapbook. :)

Please update soon.

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Ok, so I've finally got my creative juices flowing long enough to give you guys and update :)

I changed the name of this chapter, it was supposed to be 'Perfect Day' but yea. It's hard to find a song to suit these chapters where nothing happens :rolleyes:

Chapter 3: Nothing But Love

Jack opened his eyes slowly. Just another day. He smiled softly to himself before rolling onto his side to gaze upon his sleeping fiancé. He thought about letting her sleep a bit longer but it was 10am and Martha was booked in for an ultrasound at the hospital soon.

“Martha,” he whispered, gently stroking her face with the back of his hand, “Time to get up honey.”

Martha groaned in her sleep and turned her head the other. Jack grinned.

“You got a lazy mummy, Squirt,” Jack spoke to Martha’s swollen stomach.

“I heard that,” Martha said, scrunching up her eyes.

“Well then you also heard me when I said time to get up,” Jack said smiling.

Martha ignored him and attempted to go back to sleep. Jack rolled his eyes. Time for Plan B. He leant over, blowing softly on her eyelashes. Martha opened one eye.

“Do you ever give up?” She said, putting her hand on Jack’s chest and pushing him away from her.

“Nope,” Jack laughed, falling backwards onto his pillow.

“Are you going to give up any time soon?”

“Nope,” Jack persisted.

“Well then I guess I better get up,” Martha grunted, putting her hand on her stomach as she tried to sit up.

“Yep,” Jack laughed as he rolled off the bed and ran around to the other side to help her.

“I don’t need help,” Martha defied, scrunching up her face as she attempted to get up.

Jack stood back and watched Martha struggle with the weight she was baring around her middle until she triumphantly stood up.

“See,” She grinned.

“I’m sorry, Miss Independent,” Jack said, following her out into the kitchen.

“Yes I’m independent,” Martha replied proudly, “And don’t you forget it.”


Jack and Martha were walking along the beach, killing time before they had to get up to the hospital. Jack looked out at the water before shifting his gaze towards Martha.

“What are you looking at,” She smiled at him.

“My adorable fiancé,” Jack replied, grasping her hand.

“Adorable,” Martha scoffed, “Try big-fat-ballooning-whale.”

“I still say adorable,” Jack laughed, “Even with your big-fat-ballooning-whale stomach; you’ve never looked so beautiful to me.”

“You know I don’t believe you but you get brownie points for trying,” Martha grinned at him.

“You should believe me, because it’s true. Your practically glowing. And can I trade my brownie points for a kiss?” he asked hopefully.

Martha laughed at him stopping and turning face to face with him.

“I take that as a yes then,” Jack said, leaning forward and pressing his lip against hers.

Martha couldn’t help but gasp at the passion in his kiss. The first time they had ever kissed she had gotten the most amazing feeling, like her whole body was suddenly melting at his touch, every muscle aching for more. She might say that that feeling faded slightly with time, but she’d be lying.

“Martha,” a voice screamed with excitement, breaking Jack and Martha apart, “Jack!”

Both Martha and Jack turned to see Robbie and Tash’s little boy Jesse running towards them with a big grin on his face, his small, chubby legs carrying his as fast as they would go.

“Hey buddy,” Jack laughed picking Jesse up when he reached them, “What’s been going on?”

“Nothing,” Jesse grinned.

“Where’s mum and dad?” Martha asked as Jack set Jesse back onto the sand.

“Um over there,” he said pointing his fat little finger, “I’m building a sandcastle.”

“Are you? Gee that’s hard, even for me,” Martha exclaimed, pretending to be impressed.

Jesse tilted his head, he bright blue eyes shining in the sun, “You can help me if you want.”

“You’re so cute,” Martha laughed fingering his blonde curly hair, “Come and take us to mum and dad.”


“So tell me, got any names yet?” Tash asked Martha.

Martha looked over at Jack and Robbie helping Jesse build his sandcastle. She couldn’t wait until the baby was born.

“Well I love Grace,” Martha said, turning back to Tasha, “But Jack wants to call her Sofia.”

“What if it’s a boy?” Tash asked.

“It’s not going to be.”

Tash slapped Martha’s arm, “You found out and you didn’t tell me!”

Martha laughed, “I didn’t find out. I could never do that, it’s like opening your presents before Christmas. I can just feel it. Jack thinks it will be a boy but I know there’s a little girl in here,” Martha patted her stomach.

Tash laughed.

“Your momma’s crazy Squirt,” Tash said to Martha’s stomach, putting her hand on it, “I want her to kick,” she said impatiently.

“Actually she hasn’t kicked for a while,” Martha said, putting her hand next to Tash’s on her stomach, “I just think she’s lazy.”

“Sounds like someone I know,” Tash laughed.

“Hey!” Martha protested.

“Sorry to break up the gossip session ladies,” Jack said approaching them, “But we’ve got an ultra-sound to get to.”

“Alright,” Martha sighed, “Help me up,” she offered her hand to Jack so that he could pull her up.

Jack laughed accepting her hand, “So now you want help. Look whose depending on who now.”

Martha made a face a Jack.

“Ha ha Mister I-think-I’m-so-funny, lets go,” Martha said, pulling him off towards the car, “Bye guys!”

Tash laughed at them as they walked off.

“They’re so funny,” she said to Robbie, “Both so stubborn.”

“They are,” Robbie agreed, “They’re perfect for each other because it means the only ones that have to listen to them go on is themselves.”


A perfect day is everyday I'm spending my life with you

I can't explain how I fall in love with everything that you do

God sure must like me more than I ever knew

Cause I could never ask for more from love and life than you

Cause I'm lost in the grace of your smile

To fall in your love is a place I could spend my life

I know we could take on the world; just you and me, girl

With nothing but love

And seeing you is seeing how you're making my life so complete

And knowing you will share all your joy and pain and laughter with me

God sure must like me more than I ever knew

Cause I could never ask for more from love and life than you

Cause I'm lost in the grace of your smile

To fall in your love is a place I could spend my life

I know we could take on the world; just you and me, girl

With nothing but love

And if the sky would fall down and crash into the sea

I know that I will still have you, baby, and you will still have me

And that's all we'll need

Cause I'm lost in the grace of your smile

To fall in your love is a place I could spend my life

Cause I'm lost in the grace of your smile

To fall in your love is a place I could spend my life

I know we could take on the world; just you and me, girl

With nothing but love

With nothing but love

- Nothing But Love by Trading Yesterday


Next Chapter: Catch Me When I Fall

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Aw man :( Kick baby Kick!

This is going to be really sad ... I can sense it :(

Hope it doesnt tear them a part :(

Please dont let that happen Kacie :angry:

Oh yeah, and what happened to Gabby? Or did I miss something? Did she die? :unsure:

Great two chapters, more please

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