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Because You Live

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Well I finally finished the trailer : Click Me

Oh and please ignore the mention of Ash, just pretend it says Jack :P i forgot to cut it out

anyways here the next chapter

ps the preview for each chapter will be the name of the song the chapter will be named after if that makes sense :blink:

Chapter 1: New Day

Jack squinted against the sunlight that had found its way through the cracks of the closed blinds. Morning. He looked over at his sleeping girlfriend.

Her chest was slowly rising and falling with each breath and one hand was resting protectively on her swollen stomach. She was pregnant.

Eight and a half months today. Soon they would have their own little family: Jack, Martha and the baby. There was only one more thing that would make their family complete.

A wedding.

Today would be the day. Today; their two year anniversary. Today, two weeks until their first child would be born. First of many Jack had joked when Martha had first told him.

Yes, today would be the day.

Martha sighed in her sleep and her hand shifted slightly on her stomach. Her face then creased into a small frown.

“Are you alright?” Jack whispered, rolling over onto his side to face Martha, and gently brushed away a stray strand of hair from her cheek.

Martha’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled softly.

“I’m fine,” she replied yawning, “Squirt just decided it was time to wake mummy up.”

“I swear, if that child isn’t a soccer player,” Jack laughed.

“Yea,” Martha agreed, “What time is it? I might get up and grab some brekkie. I think Squirt’s trying to tell me something.”

“Your not going anywhere,” Jack said, kissing her hand, “I’ll bring it in for you.”

He sat up and leant over to softly press his lips against hers.

“Mmm,” Martha moaned against his lips, “I knew there was a reason I moved in with you. Now go.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jack saluted as got out of bed and went to make her breakfast. Martha giggled at him.

God she was lucky to have him, he took care of her like no one else could. Jack was the shining light in her life. She couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t a part of her life.

Their mothers had been best friends growing up, and when Martha’s parents had broken up and Martha moved to the bay with her mother at the age of 6, they had become best friends too. Growing up, it had always been Jack and Martha against the world. They broke every rule together and never let get in their way.

She couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t in her life but more importantly, she knew that there never was going to be time like that in the future. She felt sure they would be together forever.

Then there was Squirt. Their baby.

Nicknamed first by Tash, mainly because they didn’t know the sex and she said she thought Squirt was the cutest name ever.

And it had stuck. Martha had a feeling, even when he or she was old and gray, the baby would still be Squirt to her.

“Here you go princess,” Jack said walking back into the room with a tray, “For my favourite girlfriend.”

“Your only girlfriend I hope,” Martha raised her eyebrows.

“Relax, baby, you know you’re the only one for me,” Jack joked as he handed Martha the tray and at the same time attached his lips to hers.

“Get off you idiot,” Martha laughed pushing him away, “Let the woman eat! It smells good.”

Jack smiled at her as he sat down beside on the bed. He took one her feet and began to gently massage it.

“Mmm, that feels good,” Martha murmured, letting her head fall back onto the pillow.

Jack stayed silent for a moment.

Martha , noticing his silence, spoke up; “Something wrong babe?” she asked, frowning.

“Your going to hate me,” Jack said, still massaging his foot.

Martha kept quiet, partly because she had a mouth full or food and partly to allow him to continue.

“I have to go to work this morning…”

“Oh Jack,” Martha interrupted, swallowing her food.

“I’m sorry. I know we had plans for today but Fizty’s sick…” Jack said, moving his hand from her foot to her leg and rubbing it gently, “I’ll tell you what, why don’t I meet you down at the beach later and we’ll have a picnic.”

“Fine,” Martha huffed.

“Thanks honey,” Jack smiled, “I’ll see you at two? Will you be ok here by yourself?”

“Of course,” Martha couldn’t help smiling at his worry for her.

He was so cute.

“I’ll see you,” Jack said, kissing Martha’s head then walking out to get dressed and leave for work.

He popped his head around the door.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I love you,” He said.

“I love you too and I’m not mad,” Martha smiled.


“Hey gorgeous,” Jack said as he jumped off the picnic blanket and went to greet his girlfriend.

He kissed her briefly on the lips, then took her hand, entwining his fingers into hers.

“Hey, yourself,” Martha grinned playfully, “How was work.”

“We didn’t come here to talk about work,” Jack said, leading Martha over to the picnic blanket and gesturing for her to sit down, “For the princess,” Jack said handing Martha a fluffy pillow to lay back on.

“What’s a princess without her prince?” Martha said, kissing Jack quickly as she leant forwards to gratefully accept the pillow.

She lay back, letting the weight of her body be supported by the pillow, she looked up to the sky and admired the different shapes the clouds could make. It seemed no matter how hard she looked, the only shape she could make out was a love heart.

Jack had set up the picnic in a secluded spot of grass overlooking Pittwater.

It was beautiful and Martha couldn’t help but be thankful for having Jack. He and the baby were the best things in her life.

They were the reason she lived. If anything happened to either of them, she didn’t know how she would cope.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Jack said, laying down beside Martha and admiring the clouds.

“It is,” Martha whispered, shifting slightly so that her head rest on Jack’s chest, “I love you.”

“I love you more,” Jack grinned as he kissed the top of Martha’s head.

She giggled at him, then rested back and closed her eyes. They lay there like that for over half an hour, just enjoying each other’s company. It was perfect.

“Want something to eat? I brought, blueberry muffins, your favourite,” Jack said, sitting up and breaking the silence.

“Yummy,” Martha smiled, also sitting up.

Jack smiled and handed Martha the muffin. It was a beautiful day, but it was about to become perfect. Jack shuffled until he was sitting up on his knees and felt around in his back pocket. Grasping the small blue, velvet box, he brought it out in front of him.

Martha eyed the box suspiciously.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“A present,” Jack grinned.

“Oooo, I love presents,” Martha said happily.

“Actually, it’s for Colleen,” Jack joked.

Martha laughed and slapped him playfully on the arm.

“Ok, ok,” Jack laughed gave in, holding his hands up in surrender, “I actually want to be serious for a moment.”

Martha stayed silent, allowing for him to continue. Jack was nervous. His heart was pounding so hard, he could feel it in his throat.

What if she said no? That was his worst nightmare. What if getting married would change everything about their relationship? What if…” ‘Get a grip’ Jack scolded himself before he could ask another ‘what if’ question.

He shifted again, this time getting up onto one knee. Martha gasped, tears forming in her eyes. Was this the moment? Was this the moment she would remember for the rest of her life?

Jack swallowed hard, then continued, “Martha, you know I love you very much. Your funny, caring, loving and not to mention the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”

Martha giggled through her tears.

“We going to have a family,” Jack grinned, “And I only think of one more thing that would make this family complete. Martha, your the best thing that very happened to me. Please make my dreams come true and become my wife.”


Beautiful day

Watching you as you awake

Morning stars in your eyes

Your hand in mine

The sky is lit up

Day will be richer than night

So don’t think of yesterday

Its here and now


Its a, its a, its a...new day

Its a, its a, its a...new day

The beauty of you

Gives me my fortitude

Stronger than any dark cloud

Screaming out loud, hey, hey

The sky is lit up

Day will be richer than night

So don’t think of yesterday

Its here and now

Preview: From This Moment

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n'awwwww...Jack sounds like the most perfect guy :wub: I want him :( Martha is very lucky

I watched the vid, its really good. But i dont like the sounds of whats going to happen. I hope she doesnt have a still-born *cries*

Great chapter

More please

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Wow, I love this. Martha looses the baby, :( , poor girl, the trailer lookes really good though can't wait to see how this story turns out, I think I'm going to need the box of tissues while reading it, loosing a child must be so hard, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like.

Well done.

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Jack is so sweet! :wub: I hope Martha says yes.

Great trailer. :D But this is going to be a very sad fic, isn't it? :( Well, I can't wait to read it. :)

More please.

PS: I was wondering if you could please post the singer's name at the end of the lyrics. Thank you. :)

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Oh My Golly Gumdrops :o

KACIE!!!! That was the most amazing JnM vid EVER!

Best one you've done by far!

You get better and better! You've got a real talent for this! :)

Great chapter, and that one was less confusing than the first :P

Aw, its all so perfect in their lives :wub:

Shame its going to be ripped away :(

Looking forward to reading more.

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MY god Kacie....how do you do it...

you are such a great...talented person with your vids....well done...I nearly cried myself... :blink:

this is such a great fic already...It's so beautiful but...

things arn't going to stay that way... :unsure:

keep up the amazing work...

oh btw did you buy the vegas movie maker you make your vids with or did you download it?


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Thanks guys for all your lovely comments especially on the trailer. :)

PS: I was wondering if you could please post the singer's name at the end of the lyrics. Thank you. :)

The song is Because You Live by Jesse McCartney

oh btw did you buy the vegas movie maker you make your vids with or did you download it?


I downloaded it :wink:

Hopefully I'll have a chapter written sometime this afternoon :)

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oh btw did you buy the vegas movie maker you make your vids with or did you download it?

I downloaded it :wink

wikid....you downloaded...do you think you could PM me the site where you downloaded it...I'm sick of WMM lol...and is it the full version or just a trial?

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