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Sad Songs

Guest Luc

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these songs sometimes make me cry when I hear them. Mostly because they were playing when bad/sad stuff happened to me :(

As Dick Clark said "Music is the soundtrack to your life."

Talk Tonight - Oasis

Say after me - Bic Runga

Drive - Bic Runga

Arithmetic - Brooke Fraser

Mother - Anika Moa

Heaven - DJ Sammy

Never Forget You - Mariah Carey

This used to be my playground - Madonna

One Day - OpShop

Remember - Scribe

One Tree Hill - U2

Gather to the Chapel - Liam Finn

Loyal - Dave Dobbyn

Anything by Crowded House...

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Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Athelete - Wires

Avril Lavigne - When your gone

/\ These songs are sad, and have some sort of meaning, of some stuff that happened two years ago :(

Mariah Carey - Without you & Hero <-I love those songs aswell!

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