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Sad Songs

Guest Luc

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The Sad Song- Fredo Viola. Beautiful, you must download it! It featured on The OC when the earthquake happened. I think it was on CSI Miama also.

Paranoid Android- Sia.

Fix You- Coldplay.

My Immortal- Evanescence.

Everybody Hurts- REM.

Run- Leona Lewis/Snow Patrol.

Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley.

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Now that I'm so close to graduation, "Graduation Song" by VItamin C totally gets me again :P

Oh God that song is giving me flashbacks of crying at my Debs (prom) :(

I was an emotional wreck :lol: I am quite an emotional person I guess because I also cried through my graduation mass as well :(

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That was my grad song as well :)

Except our music teacher totally f*cked it up. Example:

And I keep thinking of the night in June

I Didn't know much of love, but it came too soon

She changed that to:

Faction carnivals, assemblies too

*my schools name* has been a fantastic school!

:huh: :confused: Totally killed it, if you ask me.

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