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Sad Songs

Guest Luc

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Oh sad songs! I love 'um :P

I don't believe you- Pink. It's so sad when you listen to the lyrics. She's in denial about a break up. It's slow and sad.

Look What You've Done - Jet. It's not a crying-your-eyes-out kind of sad. But it's definitely suited when you're a bit miffed with yourself. :P

Still Crazy - Paolo Nutini. Beautiful and sad. And slow. Like sad songs should be.

Unsaid - The Fray. Haven't heard this one in a while... but its like a bad relationship one. Again. :P

I'm Already There - Westlife. I don't think this is like.. supposed to be incredibly sad. More like.. hopeful. Positive. But it's made me fill up a few times... God knows why. :P

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore - James Morrison.

The Man Who Can't be Moved - The Script. I love it. It's a bouncy sad song.

You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol. The lyrics. Gah. (L) Sweet and sad.

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Three more I find really sad..

Bed or Roses - Bon Jovi

My Immortal - Evervessence

Everybody Hurts - REM

Youll be in my heart - Phill Collins

Take a look at me now - Phill Collins

Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

(audio and video isnt working in sync so it looks like he's lipsinking)

Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen

Day you went away - Wendy Matthews

Walk away Renee - Rick Price -

Hunters and Collectors - Throw your arms around me

Touch of Paradise - John Farnhan

Tenterfield Saddler - Peter Allen

(this is a duet with Olivia Newton John..how they did this is brilliant!
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Kevin- it is by Abba, and I think that Slipping through my fingers is one of the saddest Abba songs of all.

People seem to think Abba's songs are really happy and upbeat but the lyrics to a lot of them are quite sad.

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