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Thurs, 13 Mar 08 - Episode # 4594

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Talk TO Him, Not AT Him “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 13 Mar 08 - Episode # 4594]

Notes –

1. missed 1st few mins of the ep [traffic congestion etc]

2. I noticed, in end credits, that Nurse Julie was in this ep. I can only assume that one of the scenes that I missed featured jack speaking to Julie about what happened to Johnny.

SBH : After Bartlett welcomes Miles to the school, Aden see Miles walking away – and comments that if ever he needs a meal, there’s lots of bins at the school [incl the one is Aden’s hand as he does detention].

MAIN BEACH : Miles sees Martha & Roman ruing towards him. When they stop, both Martha & Roman suggest that they bested the other [in exercising]. After Martha heads u to towards the surf club, Roman comments to Miles that his ‘ship with Martha is going well.

Miles tell Roman about what happened with Aden today – and Roman suggests that he has a plan which could solve this problem.

RACHEL’S : With Rachel in the room as well, Jack asks Sam if she saw anyone near the syringe after Nurse Julie was called away form it. Sam initially says that she can’t think of anyone, but then remembers that she did see someone – a man – that she didn’t really recognise. Someone who is about jack’s height.

Rachel suggests that hypnotherapy might be the way to go with this.

SBH : Aden finishes that last of the work that Mr Bartlett wanted him t9o do on detention today. Aden comments about Miles, and he’s not all that keen when Mr Bartlett tells him that Miles is now employed at school as a teacher.

MAIN BEACH : Geoff has just finished doing some beach sprints, with Annie doing the stopwatch thing on him. As they alk up the beach, 2 teen girls [britney and another girl] catch up to them. They hand Annie something that she had accidentally left on the beach, but it’s pretty clear that the reason why they approach is because they are interested in Geoff.

RACHEL’S : Sam is under hypnotherapy as Rachel asks her questions about THAT day. Sam’s Reponses, which given hardly any new details to Rachel about what happened, seem forced somehow.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Geoff exist the club, wand Annie tell him that she is glad he was so long in the showers, as Britney had been hanging around waiting for him for a whole before she bailed. Annie suggests to Geoff that there are HEAPS of girls that are much better g/f material for him.

DINER FLAT : Martha & Roman are way kissing, before Martha suggests that they should stop – as she’s not keen on Morag walking in on them. Martha tells Roman that she has an agreement with Morag that if she plans to get intimate, it will be at Roman’s place. Both agree that they like that they are taking things pretty easy – not rushing things with their ‘ship.

BEACH [NEAR ROCK POOL] : Roman sees Aden and suggests tat they should go swimming in the surf together. After Aden agrees, and heads for the water, Roman stars dialling a number into his mobile.

DINER : After Annie suggests that Geoff should go out with one of the girls form bible studies, she asks Colleen for advice about all the teen gills in town. With colleen looking at him, Geoff kicks Annie’s foot under the table. Annie tells Colleen that she asked as she is keen to make more friends.

BEACH [NEAR ROCK POOL] : Mikes approaches Roman, and wonders if his Aden plan will work, roman insists that it will. After Miles continues his run on the beach, Aden comes out of water and wonders why roman was hanging out with miles. Aden also comets about how he had a go at miles earlier [the rubbish bin thing]. Roman tells Aden about how Miles lost his family in the boxing day tsunami, and that his life fell apart. Roman adds that he wouldn’t EVER want to get on miles bad side – since miles survived 2 years on the streets. Aden is clearly affected by what roman has said.

RACHEL’S : Sam enters, and shows Rachel the identikit drawing that the police did form her description of the man supposedly at the hospital. The identikit face reminds me of kimmy. Rachel comments to Sam that she seemed way tense whilst under hypno. Sam tells her that it’s just because he’d never done anything like that before. Rachel doesn’t look convinced.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Miles approaches Roman, who tells him that Aden shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Roman tells miles that Aden seems to hate ppl telling him what to do, but if you treat him as an equal you’ll get results. Roman suggests tat Aden must have clashed with his war hero grandfather, which is why roman didn’t tell Aden about his military service.

RACHEL’S : Rachel sneaks onto the front patio – not wanting Sam to hear her. She quietly phones Tony, and tells him that she thinks that Sam knows more than she is letting on.



Ric gets the offer of a lifetime from Noel [Viv’s hubby]

Rachel tells Sam “I know what you did”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Annie: red, orange, yellow & white horiz striped singlet top/blue halter neck bikini top/white shorts

SILVER - Rachel: red thin strap top/black long pants

BRONZE - Roman: black cap [with keel like shape inside golden teardrop]/ brown [yellow tropical motifs] board shorts/black singlet


Aden: faded green [white crest] t/white [black crest & sky blue horiz stripes on left leg] boardies

Britney: leopard print bikini

Britney’s friend: White [black diag slashes] bikini

Colleen: blue & green rainforest pattern blouse/blue top

Geoff: yellow [black vertical stripes] button up shirt/olive green shorts

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Martha: red [with several black elongated triangles] singlet top

Martha: royal blue mid thigh length dress

Miles: grey t/bone shorts

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white button up shirt/blue & red swirls tie

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/dark [silver unknown brand logo] boardies

Sam: grey scoop neck t/black knee length shorts

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