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Recent Downtime (Again!)

Guest Lauzz

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Am I the only one having problems connecting for the site to any length of time. For instance, as most of the staff will know, I posted quite a lot of topics yesterday, but every 20 topics or so, the forum would appear to break and I would get the page not available message. This is the only site it is happening on.

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Wow, it's all falling apart by the sound of things. Porn in banner ads, blocked sites, emails fitered as junk!

I haven't been getting any emails at all :huh:

But I've figured out what my problem was. It was Nextgentel's fault. <_< For some reason, certain sites were blocked, BttB was just one of them. I have to get that fixed myself *sighs* Why did dad have to choose Nextgentel? :rolleyes:

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Once again, I apologise for the downtime that's been affecting the forum since yesterday morning. I'm not sure what exactly caused it, other than it was a problem with the database, and it was hopefully a one-off. All the same, everyone send evil glares in the direction of our hosts.

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