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Recent Downtime (Again!)

Guest Lauzz

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That's very strange :S What happens when you try to access the site? I don't understand how the upgrade could've caused anything like that to happen.

Does it happen on both www.backtothebay.net and www.backtothebay.com/forum ?

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Both. But it might be a problem with my server :huh: It says that it can’t find the server :huh: Plus, one of the computers appearantly found some porn and blocked the site. What the...?!

I've been getting porno ads at the top of the forum. Chris tried to block the site, but it didn't work, so I thought maybe it's something that's wrong with my computer, like it's not filtering garbage like that properly, because no one else seems to have seen them :huh:

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Wow, it's all falling apart by the sound of things. Porn in banner ads, blocked sites, emails fitered as junk!

I really wish I could stumble across this porn banner so I could possibly know what to do about it. As you said, I've tried to block it, so I don't know why it'd still appear. If you see it again, cany you take a screenshot?

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