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Recent Downtime (Again!)

Guest Lauzz

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Is something going on with the boards?

I couldn't log in as normal - until I realised I needed to now use my email addy and password - and now I can see the sub forums and how many topics in each but when I enter them I can't see any topics/posts?

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Yeah, sorry about that. Our webhost moved us to a new hosting system, and somewhere along the lines managed to mess up many of the forum's features. Thankfully, InvisionBoard's awesome support team've managed to get it sorted within an hour of me emailing them. *claps*

Our hosts are very apologetic. Though I think they overestimated just how much the disruption affected me! "We apologize for the incontinence this had caused you." :D

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The forum seems much faster now. I like. :D (Again, thanks guys!)

It's working much faster for me aswell. It is fantastic! :D

EDIT: Shouldn't of said that... :glare: Just a minute ago I accidently closed the window so I had to open another and when I tried to come on here it said something like 'IPS Driver Error'. Thankfully it worked perfectly when I refreshed the page. :)

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