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Will They Ever Be? (by matticus01) - comments


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Stevie = Jerk!!! :angry:

Aww, Jack is so sweet and caring :wub: He kept his promise through all this time... which is actually only a month, but a month can be long enough

Yay! Martha realizes that she loves Jack! :D Then Stevie the jerk can get what he deserves <_<

What? The Bay finds out about Tasha’s cancer?! Maybe it’s Ranya who’s back in the game... wouldn’t surprise me :rolleyes:

Only question is how she knows if it is her...

More please!

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Martha kicked Stevie out! You go girl! :wink:

She finally realized that she's madly in love with Jack. :D

I bet Ranya had something to do with the news about Tasha's cancer! :angry:

The Summer Bay residents should leave Martha alone. Tasha's her best friend and Martha needs to support her. She can't do that if she has to lock herself up in her apartment.

Hopefully Jack will come and help her.

More please.

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Yay! Stevie is a pathetic ass! :lol: And Martha kicked him out! You go girl! :D

I agree with Barbara, I bet Ranya has something to do with everyone finding out about Tasha’s cancer. I seriously can’t stand that girl <_<

And the paparazzi surrounding her? What’s that all about? They are all insane :rolleyes:

I hope Jack helps her and then Martha can tell him how she feels and then they will share one of the most beautiful things together :wub: *sighs to herself*

More please!

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