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Will They Ever Be? (by matticus01) - comments


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I had a lot of catching up to do! :wacko:

Kim is a jerk and can rot in hell <_< I knew that Tasha should never have got involved with him :angry:

Poor Jack! Who would want to spike his drink? Oh I know! Ranya! She gets a kiss and she hopes that they can get back together. Stupid Ranya! The break-up was her fault and her’s only <_<

More please!

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Poor Martha! :(

I hate Ranya! She has to give up and find someone else. :angry: Jack doesn't want her anymore.

Jack has finally realised his drink had been spiked. Go and tell Ranya what you really think of her!

I'm waiting for the next chapter. Those 10 minutes have passed. :P

More please.

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Review for chapter 9:

Oh perfect! Again Ranya is messing everything up <_< Would someone please remove her?!

Martha is being smart, maybe a bit too smart

Is Jack and Martha in love? :wub: Or is Kim back on the field to tackle Tasha? <_<

Review for chapter 10:

Yay. *Sings: Martha slapped Ranya, Martha slapped Ranya*

No, don’t leave Martha :( You and Jack are meant to be

Robbie and Tasha? :o Did not see that coming

More please!

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I didn't have to wait for long! :)

Ranya just doesn't get it! :angry: Kim's single and he's as bad as she is. Why doesn't she hook up with him?

Martha slapped her. You go girl! :D

Tasha and Robbie :wub: He'll never hurt her, he's sweet.

Matilda and Lucas are so cute. :wub:

Martha's leaving? Oh no! At least, she's coming back.

Please update soon.

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