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Will They Ever Be? (by matticus01) - comments


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Well HM and everyone who has stuck with this fic from the start.

My name is Bec

Matticus01 just stands for mattie Lucas coz i couldn't think of anything else lol.

Your all probably wondering why i have started with the P.O.V's...

well i will tell you lol

because the last chapter will be written in a P.O.V so i wanted to get some through the rest of the last few chapter's two...

I feel like I'm going to cry because there are only two to go...

Will update tonight :)

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hey Bec!

I've been flat out with work lately but have finally caught up! It's still as great as usual, wahh Sam is a pyscho (reminds me of the Derek guy from OTH). Glad that they've found out what a creep she is hopefully they'll arrest her... Hmm.. dunno what the prophecy is about, maybe Macca gets pregnant?

Not sure lol!

Neways please update soon!

Channy Xx

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Sam’s dead! At least she can’t cause anymore problems now, right? She’s not coming back as a ghost to haunt Martha, is she? :blink:

Jack is such a sweet person :wub: Why can’t I have a boyfriend like that?

He asked her to marry him :wub: Hope she said yes!

It’s sad that this story is coming to an end, but there better be a happy ending... wait, who am I to talk? I usually write bad endings in my stories that I have written in Norwegian :ph34r:

Please update soon Bec, I want to know what happens and how it ends :)

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Yay Sam's dead! :ph34r:

They all graduated! Congratulations! :D

Jack asked Martha to marry him! :wub: I hope she says yes. She loves him, so she's going to say yes, right?

Only one chapter left. :(

Bec, please update soon. I want a happy ending too.

PS: HM, keep your bad endings for your Norwegian stories, we want happy endings for your English stories. :)

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:o You killed off Jack! Oh my God!

Well, at least Martha’s happy with her three children :)

Oh my God, Ranya married Kim??? :o Haha, I’d never expect her to marry anyone

I’d expect Tasha and Robbie to get married. Same with Mattie and Lucas :)

I’m sad that this fic is over, but you already know that I’m going to read your new one. I was about to write "more please", but it wouldn’t be much point in that :P

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Yay she said yes! They got married! :wub:

:o You killed Jack! Poor Martha! :(

But she still has 3 beautiful babies. :) Their names are really nice!

Ranya turned out to be good in the end. I didn't see that one coming but I like it.

Congratulations to Tasha & Robbie, Mattie & Lucas and Ranya & Kim! :)

Nice ending!

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