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Will They Ever Be? (by matticus01) - comments


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Beth! :angry: That was not very understanding of her! It was Mattie's choice and if she wanted to and she's not pregnant, then seriously, what's the problem? :huh:

I'm hating Sam even more now! :angry: She's up to something, I can feel it <_< Wonder what happened between her and Jack? *tries to find out what happened between Sam and Jack* *can't come up with anything and waits patiently for the next chapter*

I'm happy for Martha :) She has finally figured out what she wants to be:-)

More please!

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heya where have all my readers gone...you all lost interest?

I'm still here. *waves* I've just been studying for my exams in January. I've got to review 3 chapters. Let's get started. :D

Chapter 28:

Mattie and Lucas definitely need a room. But they're so in love. They're so cute! :wub:

Sam is there. That's just great! *rolls her eyes*

Chapter 29:

Beautiful funeral. Martha's speech was so sweet.

What's Sam hiding? I really don't have a clue! :unsure: But I so don't like her already!

Chapter 30:

Martha's going to be a great counsellor. I just know it, especially after all she's been through.

They said "I love you". :wub: *realises she has written this in almost every JnM fic* :P

Why is Beth so mad at Mattie and Lucas? Couldn't they talk about it calmly? Mattie and Lucas talked about it before doing it and they used protection. Beth should be relieved that they've been so responsible!

What happened between Sam and Jack? I really want to know! I've still got no clue!

This fic is almost over. *cries*

More please.

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