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Lies and Deception (by matticus01) - comments


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Another oneshot! Seriously, where do you find the time to write all your fics? You're as busy as a bee, aren't you? :lol:

Wonder who killed Sam. :unsure: I guess we'll never know.

Poor Jack! He must really have loved her. He just can't let her go! :(

But Martha is there to help him get through Sam's death.

Poor Roman though! :( But he must have known Martha will always love Jack.

Great oneshot! :D

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:o Powerful oneshot :)

You should be proud..

Pulling him to his feet as he slowly let Sam's lifeless, wet, muddy and bloody body slip from his grasp she pulled him from the water as he collapsed just furhter up the beach with Martha by his side. Martha almost fell over herself because she wasn't expecting Jack to just collapse like that, pulling him into her arms he clutched her arms and started sobbing as Martha just rocked him from side to side.

I loved that they unite together in Jack's grief :(

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Another oneshot! :o You're a very busy woman, Bec :P

Anyway, great oneshot! I really liked it. The way you described Jack's feelings, that he didn't want to let go off Sam, because that would make it real.

Really great descriptions and a very powerful oneshot. Well done.

PS: Just let me know when you want it moved, and I'll fix it for you (unless you have already asked one of the other librarians :P)

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks so much guys and im glad you all liked it...and Zetti...

thankyou I do feel proud, i hope that's what happens too but i doubt it will lol...

and Valli, if your looking at his could you move it now??? I'm happy with the reviews I got :)

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