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Two In A Million

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Main characters: Jack, Martha, Sam, Roman, Suzy, And other character eg. Tony, Alf etc.

Genre: Drama, Romance,

Details: Jack and Martha fan fic

BTTB Rating: T

Does the story contain any spoilers: YES MOJOR

WARNING: Talk of drug use, death.

SUMMARY: She leaned in wrapping her spare arm around his front, as he fell into her caring arms she tightened her grip around his shaking body that was overcome with every emotion possible. As she held on to him tight both of there minds drifted back to two weeks ago when everything began to change, when every move they made formed a road to this moment.

Chapter 1-

He ran, as fast as he could, crashing to the ground he let the sound of the waves drum through his head as he let the pain rip through his heart.

Running as fast as she could she caught sight of him in the distance as the waves lapped around his clothed form.

Slowing down her pace she quietly made her way up behind him.

Sitting down beside him she cautiously brought her arm out and wrapped it caringly around his shaking shoulder.

Noticing a presence he needn’t turn nor open his eyes to realise who it was he just reached up and placed his hand her arm which was still wrapped round his shoulder.

She leaned in wrapping her spare arm around his front, as he fell into her caring arms she tightened her grip around his shaking body that was overcome with every emotion possible. As she held on to him tight both of there minds drifted back to two weeks ago when everything began to change, when every move they made formed a road to this moment.



2 Weeks ago.

“Hey” Martha said as she entered the kitchen to the diner, Roman standing at the food preparation counter making an order up.

“Leah told me you said hi” Martha pointed out to him wondering what was the best way to start a conversation and inevitably ask him out.

“I did” she said whilst grinning a cheek to cheek toothy smile.

“So um” Martha said starting to feel slightly awkward with Coleen standing at the sink doing dishes.

“Um Colleen could you give us a minute?” Roman asked Colleen but it was more of an order than anything else.

“But I’m in the middle of the dishes” Colleen told him.

“Could you go clear some tables?” Roman asked her but again it was more of an order.

“But I was trying to do that and you told me to come and do the dishes” Colleen reminded him slightly flustered.

“And now I’m telling you to go and clear the tables” Roman said getting slightly agitated that asking a simple thing like ‘Could you please clear the tables’ had to turn into a full blown conversation with Colleen.

Colleen huffed as she threw her rubber gloves off and said,

“I wish some people would learn to make up there minds” as she made her way from the kitchen she continued muttering to herself.

Martha and Roman slightly giggled to themselves before Martha remembered what she was doing in the diner kitchen to begin with.

“So I was wondering if you would like to come up to me apartment for dinner tomorrow night?” Martha asked as she bit her bottom lip cautiously awaiting his response.

“Sure” Roman said with his same grin.

“Really?” Martha asked a little too quickly for her liking.

“Cool” she quickly added “So I’ll see you tomorrow, about seven?” she asked,

“Yep, I’ll be there” Roman said keenly,

“Ok, seeya” Martha said as she started to feel a bit awkward,

“Yeah seeya” he said as she turned around and made her way up to her flat.



Jack held the phone to his ear trying to make out his bosses voice over the sound of the crashing waves.

“Oh my God” Jack said making Sam head snap to attention curious to find out what was happening.

“Yeah I’ll drop Sam home and I can be there in 45” he said eager to find out what was happening with no other than ‘Johnny Cooper’,

“Yeah, seeya” Jack said as he brought the phone from his ear and turned to a distraught looking Sam as she feared tho worst.

“Was that about Johnny?” she asked he stomach in knots.

“Yeah” Jack said cautiously,

“What happened, is he awake?” She asked,

“Yeah that was McGrath, he was pretty vague, all I know is Johnny is awake and he’s talking” Jack said completely oblivious to Sam fears.

“Talking, about what?” Sam shot out.

“Dunno but I guess I’ll find out” Jack said as he made his way over to the blanket and began picking up there short lived ‘picnic’



Her hands worked fearlessly, she shook with fear, her heart beat faster than it ever had been before as she filled the syringe with the swapped drug. Her vision darted around the spaces around her being careful not to be spotted, finally the syringe was full, she whipped the gloves off and threw them into the pan ready for the unsuspecting nurse who would unwillingly come along and do the job she couldn’t face doing herself,

She felt as though she was about to faint, the room spun as she made her way out of sight but continued to watch the syringe as nurse Julie came along and picked up the small container.

She felt a ping of guilt at the thought of Julie, a lady whom had been nothing but nice to her would in just minutes take a mans life for her.

But the initial guilt subsided because when it came to Sam she would do anything to get exactly what she wanted and keep it well within her clutches. A fine example was Jack, her husband. She smiled at the thought and all she had gone through, beating Martha out, she had won Jack and no-one, not Martha and definitely not Johnny Copper would take him away from her….

The syringe was injected into the drip and it was only mere seconds until it took its affect on its victim.

Sam watched on as the unsuspecting room of people she loved watched the unpredictable events take place.

“He’s arresting” Rachel said as she hanged to serious doctor mode.

“We need help in here” Rachel yelled as he and Julie started working on Johnny just as three more nurses came to assist.

Jack stepped back allowing himself to silently observe the traumatic events taking place before him.

From just outside the room, looking through the window, it had been 45 minutes of trying to get him back and she had been on edge the entire time, finally she watched as the team put the equipment away and bring a sheet to cover his lifeless body.

She allowed herself to take a large breath as she watched as her husband exited the room where the unforseen events had just taken place.

He made his way towards her and scooped her into his arms.

He whispered tenderly into her ear.

“It’s all over now”

But it was just the beginning.

Next Chapter-

What happens with Martha and Romans date?

Will guilt get the better of Sam? And what comfort will she turn to?

Has Jack really moved on?


Is there anyone who would like to see this continued, I have the next couple of chaps written.

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Sam sat on the edge of her bed, looking into the mirror she wondered what had come over her, how could of she so freely taken another human beings life suddenly behind her out of no where appeared her ‘worst nightmare’

“Ahhhhhhhhh” she screamed as he came towards her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” she jolted up from her comfortable position on the couch.

“Oh God” Sam muttered under her breathe.

Her body shook as she held back the tears.

“What had she done?”



Roman walked into the diner quite pleased with the effort he had put into his outfit.

Making his way towards the kitchen he bumped into Jack,

“Hey mate” Jack said before taking in his appearance “Who you trying to impress?” Jack asked freely,

“Un I’ve got a date” Roman said smiling.

“Really who’s the lucky girl” Jack asked still smiling not predicting Romans next words.

“Um it’s with Martha actually” Roman said carefully, he wasn’t completely sure about there relationship he had just heard bits and pieces on the grape vine.

“Oh” Was all Jack could manage to sound.

“Yeah” Roman said still not sure how his new friend was taking the news of him having a date with his ex wife.

Jack processed the information before looking up,

“It’s great” Jack said smiling not really sure himself if it really was or not, he had no right to be jealous, he had remarried she deserved to be happy too but he just couldn’t help that tang of jealousy and anger that burst through him at the thought of Martha with someone else.

“Are you sure because I really want your friendship and…” Roman was cut off,

“Nah, nah it’s fine I just” Jack stopped and looked down before quickly raising his head again,

“Just don’t hurt her ok” Jack told him seriously,

“I won’t Roman promised him,

“Ok, I better go” Jack said feeling awkward,

“Yeah ok seeya” Roman said as he watched Jack walk away.

Jack made his way out of the diner and took a deep breath off the crisp ocean air.

What the hell what that all about? He mentally cursed himself, you had your chance he continued to fight with himself and you turned it down. And with that thought he made his way towards his car and back to his life with Sam.



Martha laughed as she took another sip of her wine at Romans latest joke.

She was genuinely enjoying his company and for the fist time in moths was actually happy.

“So what’s your story?” Roman asked catching Martha off guard.

“What story?” Martha asked trying to avoid the question,

“You know, where did you come from, what brought you to the bay, what’s happened in your life?” Roman asked genuinely interested.

“Mmm” Martha murmured “How long have you got?’ she asked trying to lighten the mood

“All night” he smirked.

“I think you might need longer” Martha said smiling lightly, tonight was meant to be about moving forward not about drudging up the past especially the part

about Jack Holden.

“Look if you want me to back off the topic I will” he said sensing her uncomfortableness.

“Thanks” Martha said,

“It’s just I wanted tonight to be about moving forwards not backwards”,

“I’m all for that” Roam said as he leant forward, cupping her cheek in his hand and bringing her lips up to meet his.




The door slammed shut as Jack walked through it making his way to the kitchen to be faced by a distraught looking Sam walking around the corner.

“Why didn’t you warn me you were going to be coming in?” Sam screeched at him,

“What?” Jack asked confused.

“I nearly had a heart attack thanks to you” she continued to ramble.

“Sam, calm down” Jack said seriously coming towards her and placing his arms on her arm,

“No” Sam said as she ripped her arm from his clasp,

“I’ve gotta go” she said coldly as she grabbed her bag and made her way from the house.


Wrapping her arms around his neck he began to stand up which she followed.

Reaching behind her he attempted to grab onto the bottom of her singlet and lift it from her body but she did something that was a very rare thing for her to do she said ‘no’.

Pulling away from his firm hold on her body she brought her hands to his arms and guided them away from her form.

“Um” she started,

“I” she tried again but wasn’t sure of what to say,

“What’s wrong?” he asked her cautiously,

“I want to take things slow” she told him,

“Oh” was all he could say,

“Is that ok?” she asked him hoping that he would say yes,

“Of course” he said gently “But not to slow” he smirked leaning down and giving her one final peck,

“Seeya tomorrow” he said smiling,

“Seeya” she said as she watched him leave the apartment.


Her hand shook as she handed the money over to the man dressed in a black coat and jeans,

“Long time no see Deeks” the man smirked,

“Shut up” Sam said as the man held out what she had paid for,

She quickly grabbed it,

“Should I be expecting you back anytime soon?” he asked her.

Sam looked up at him,

“Yeah” she said defiantly,

“Good” he smiled then thought he might as well have a bit of fun with her,

“I didn’t think it would be a wise move, taking heroin what with a cop as your husband and all” he said,

“I can handle myself” she said defiantly,

“It’s been a while Sam” he told her,

“I can handle it” Sam said turning around and making her way down the beach.



She sat on the cold beach, the wind whipped around her head as she prepared something she never thought she would again.

Bringing it up to eye level she shook her head closing her eyes she brought it to it’s target,

She cringed at the initial sting but it soon subsided, she removed the syringe and carelessly discarded it to the ground and relaxed herself into a feeling she had long gone without.


Jack and Martha have a civil conversation :o lol

And someones not happy.

Also has Sam truly gone off the rails?


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Jack, why are you always jealous when you see Martha with another guy? You had your chance but you chose to marry Sam. :rolleyes:

Roman is a nice guy and he promised not to hurt Martha. I like him. :)

I hope it's Sam who gets annoyed. But she's taking drugs now, will she even realise Jack and Martha are talking again or anything else going on around her? <_<

More please.

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Sam slowly trudged up the foot path to her home, her head was throbbing, she was tired and she was scared out of her mind at what the hell she was doing.

Opening the door she watched as Jack had his back to her at the sink.

Closing the door loudly behind her caused Jack to snap to attention and a sting to zap straight through her head.

“Where have you been all night?” Jack asked in a state of fury, and what’s wrong with you, you look horrible.

“Thanks” Sam said sarcastically,

“Where have you been?” Jack tried again,

Sam was quick to avoid the question and quickly changed the subject.

“I’m going to have a shower” she said as she made a bee line for the bathroom,

“Sam” Jack started again but was cut off,

“No, Jack just leave it” she said walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.


Standing under the shower, the water just hot enough for her to tolerate she closed her eyes but quickly snapped them opened them again because whenever she closed them all she saw was Johnny Cooper and that was enough to keep them open forever.

Turning off the water she pulled down the towel that was draped over the door and wrapped it tightly around her body.

Opening the door she stepped out onto the cold tiles turning around she leant on the sink, looking down towards the floor she let out a long sigh before raising her head and looking directly into the mirror only to receive the shock of her life.

“Hey Sam” Johnny spoke to her a glint of evil shinning in his eyes.

“Oh my god” Sam said under her breathe as she stepped away from the mirror,

“Don’t run Sam, there’s no point” Johnny continued “You’re never going to escape me” he said evilly,

A cold shiver ran down her spine as she fell to the icy floor as his words rang through her head,

Never, never, never, never, nev…”


Martha smiled happily to herself as she wiped down the bench in Noahs in a happy daze.

Jack made his way out of the gym, making his way to the juice bar he noticed Martha behind it, contemplating whether of not to approach he decided not and tried to make a quick exit from the bar but with Martha it was never that simple it was as if she had eyes in the back of her head.

“Jack” she called out,

Jack was caught off guard as he quickly turned around,

“Yeah?” he asked not sure of what to say to her,

“You don’t have to avoid me you know” she told him,

“I wasn’t” he tried trying to say a little of his pride.

“Yeah… you were” Martha corrected him smiling.

“I’m sorry” he said as he made his way towards the counter.

“It’s ok” Martha reassured him,

“So” Jack started unsure of how to approach this,

“So… what?” Martha prodded,

“You and Roman?” he asked,

Martha took in a deep breath,

“Yeah” she said as she bit her lips,

“Cool I’m happy for you” he said smiling,

“Thanks” Martha said softly,

“So you like him a lot then?” Jack asked,

“Yeah, well I mean we only had our first date last night” Martha said,

“You seemed to like me a lot on our first date” Jack smirked cheekily,

“Get out of here you idiot” Martha giggled as she playfully whacked his with her cloth and to any onlooker it seemed just like old times especially to one

particular onlooker whom was less than pleased by what was taking place before her.


Jack walked through the doors to his house, noticing Sam sitting on the couch he walked up to her, placing his hand on her shoulder he was slightly taken aback as she quickly jerked away from his touch.

“Don’t” she snapped to him,

“What?” Jack questioned her puzzled,

Sam looked up at him glaring,

“I should have known it wouldn’t last” she said as Jack continued to try and decipher what she was on about,

“What wouldn’t last?” he tried again,

“You and Martha” she said coldly,

“Oh for Gods sake Sam, not this again” he groaned,

“I saw you two at Noahs earlier” She said coldly “You two seemed pretty friendly” she continued to ramble,

“Yeah” he shot back “Friendly and if you must know she’s with Roman now” he finished,

Sams brain ticked over hurriedly trying to find something to say about Jacks latest remark but she had nothing so she just stood up and made for the door,

“Where are you going?” Jack asked her frustrated,

“Anywhere but here” she snapped as she opened the door harshly and slamming it behind her.


“Hey” Roman said as he walked up behind Martha as she was letting the ocean lap up around her feet.

“Hey” Martha said turning around,

“I was thinking, you wanna come over to my place tonight for dinner?” he asked,

“Aw I’d love too” Martha said smiling,

“But I have just had the biggest day at work and I feel like I could just collapse” Martha complained

“Well how about diner at the diner?” Roman gave her another offer.

Martha thought for a moment,

“Yeah, that’d be nice” she said smiling,

“Well let’s go then” Roman said taking her hand in his,

Martha smiled as she gratefully took his hand in hers as the new pair made there way up the beach.


Martha Roman entered the diner to be greeted with smiling faces all of which were focused on there conjoined hands,

Martha thought for a minute and for a moment she was taken back to the time when herself and Jack had that affect on them but things change,

She felt her face begin to drop into a sad expression but quickly pulled it back up to a smile as her friends began rushing over her and Roman to discuss there new relationship.


On the other side of the bay whilst Jack sat at home quietly pondering where on earth his wife could be, Sam had decided to take a trip to the city to meet up with some of her old ‘Buddies’


Walking into a room which was just clear enough to walk through Sam struggled to breathe as her lungs took in the smoke that surrounded her.

“Long time no see” A man in a black leather jacket said as he moved up towards Sam.

“Yeah well there’s always a second time for everything” Sam said as she took his smoke from his lips, bringing it to her own she let herself breathe in one of the things she had once sworn never to touch again before letting out a satisfied sigh.

“Where’d you disappear to anyway?” the man asked,

“I just needed to get away for a while “I told you I’d be back” she reminded him,

“So what made you come back?” he inquired,

“A few things” Sam said as she breathed in again,

“Including?” he questioned her,

“You might be one of them” she told him as she blew the smoke from her lips.

The man smiled a sleazy smile as he brought his arms out and placed it around her waist.


Trouble in paradise!!!!! :(

What has Sam done?

Also who is the mysterious blonde that turns up on the beach and how does Roman know her?



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