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Lies and Deception

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Story Title: Lies and Deception

Author: Matticus01

Type of story: ONESHOT

Main Characters: SAM, Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Violence, Death, Language

Does story include spoilers: YES...Based on Sam's death to come on home and away. this is just a oneshot at what is going through her mind before her death. Also includes Jack and Martha in it

Any warnings: includes alot of language, death and violence

Summary: Sam is backked into a corner, someone found out that she murdered Johnny and is now about to kill her. Before her death we see what's going on in her mind before her death and also shows the events following her death with Jack and Martha.

"SAM...NO SAM, SAM, SAM WAKE UP!" He screamed as he held her body in his arms and rocked her back and forth in the sea weed, mud, dirt and water than had almost made her body unrecognisable. The whole beach had been closed down and already the news of Sam Holden's murder had rippled through Summer Bay like a tidal wave. Police tape was on every entrance of the beach and guards were keeping the press back as the whole bay had now scrambled down to the beach to see if it was true.

Earlier that Day

Sam stood, edged ont he spot at the look out, for so long she had been harbouring the fact that she had killed Johnny Cooper by changing his drugs and then hullicinating that he was back just to keep her secret safe was starting to take its toll on her, slim and fragile body and everyone was starting to see that she was always tired and at one stage Colleen asked if she was pregnant.

She leant up against the edge of the look out and sighed heavily, her eye lids forced themselves to close because she was having nightmare after nightmare about Johnny but still she seemed to cover her tracks and Jack, along with everyone else still thought she was the perfect copper's wife that she had been made out to be.

Wasn't that far from the truth...

She jumped when she heard someone behind her, quickly spinning around she didn't even get to open her eye's before she felt something connect with her head.

Waking up she saw that she was no longer at the lookout. moaning she went to move but found she was tied up. Sitting up a little to quickly she hit her head once again and was once again knocked unconcious.

When she finally regained conciousness she saw that they were sitting at the headland and were on the rocks. The same rocks that Matilda had aparently fallen when she needed to clear her head when her mother died. Sam instantly pinniched and saw that she was still tied up and she was now gagged. The rage in the sea was evident as it smashed against the rocks, all the while edging closer to them.

She trailed her thoughts off to Jack and Rory.

Rory was the only person she had left, she couldn't die, not now...what would Rory do? would Jack look after him..no of course not.

Her thoughts then rested on Martha. Oh how happy Martha would be if Sam was out of the picture...sure she was dating Roman but everyone knew that it wasn't serious. Martha's heart wasn't truly in it and if she ever had to choose out of Jack and Roman she would choose Jack all over again.

Sam felt herself wanting to cry, she didn't know if she already was crying or not because of the water hitting her face when it smashed up against the rocks.

Finally pulling the gag out of her mouth she coughed and spoke.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked, trying to keep her cool but the fear eveident in her voice.

"Because you killed Johnny, you hurt the people you were suppose to love and now...your going to pay!" the man screamed at her before pulling the rope off her hands and legs. He stood up, puling her with him and smirked.

"Say goodbye to everything you love...bitch!" he whispered in her ear before pushing her so hard that she fell against the wave coming straight at them. She felt her body being thrown at the rage of the ocean and all of a sudden she hit the rocks, hard and fast as the sea suddenly dragged her tired, sore and bleeding body out to sea.

The Present

She ran up to the police line and saw McGrath trying to get Jack to let go of his wife's beaten and bloodied body but he wouldn't let her go, nore would he let anyone near her. He dug his head into her chest and rocked back and forth with her in his arms.

"McGrath!" Martha yelled out as the Chief Constable turned and looked at her and then back at Jack. He made his way over to Martha and leant down close to her.

"Can you do it?" he asked as she looked at him with a look of 'what do you think?'

McGrath nodded and told the police officer to let her through. Martha raced down the beach and stopped in front of Jack and looked at Sam's lifeless body, she was bruised and had little cut's over her body and her body was a tinged blue color.

"Jack!" Martha whispered leaning down so she too was leaning in the muck in where Sam had been found by a passing by runner doing his morning run.

"Jack you have to let her go so the police can do there job!" Martha said as jack kept rocking back and forth with her body in his arms.

"Jack let her go!" Martha whispered as she reached her hand over and rested it on Jack's shoulder as he slowly stopped rocking. He slowyl bought his gaze up to meet Martha's. His eye's blood shot red from the tears since he had found out that his wife was dead. Martha slowly climbed to her feet and walked behind him, clutching him underneath each arm and leant her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"Let her go Jack!"

Pulling him to his feet as he slowly let Sam's lifeless, wet, muddy and bloody body slip from his grasp she pulled him from the water as he collapsed just furhter up the beach with Martha by his side. Martha almost fell over herself because she wasn't expecting Jack to just collapse like that, pulling him into her arms he clutched her arms and started sobbing as Martha just rocked him from side to side.

"I'm going to help you Jack!" Martha whispered as he cried into her chest, closing his eyes.

Martha looked up and saw the police drag Sam's body fromt he water and bag her before lifting her onto a hospital bed and zipping up the bag.

"Ssshhh, ssshhh it's ok, it's going to be ok!" Martha whispered to him as she kept rocking him from side to side, running her hand over Jack's hair she kept this up and looked up at the beach as her eye's caught sight of Roman who looked heart broken but at this point in time, nothing else mattered to Martha, except for the fact that she had to help Jack with the loss of his wife.

I hope you like my new oneshot...I didn't know how to end it but thats it :) please comment


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