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The Island

Guest smokinace

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This story may be confusing and wierd in some chapters


Sally woke at the edge of the water to hear screaming and shouting. Wet she opened her eyes and sat up slowly. She looked at Camille helping Drew up and then looked to Sam who was crying and calling out to Jack and Rory, She got up slowly. "Camille, let me help. she said grabbing Drew's other arm, "Pippa's with Morag she found her wandering looking for you" Camille told her.

Roman rushed into the water to pull out first Leah then Miles then Christian.

"Aden" Libby rolled Aren over to find him not breathing. "RACHEL" she called looking at her to her dressing a wound on Jazz's leg.

She rushed over

"he's not breathing, i didn't know what to do" Libby said crying

"What do you mean you didn't know what to do. Mouth to mouth's a good start". Rachel snapped pushing her out of the way

"Sorry, i'm hopeless in sittuation like this"

Jack was screaming. He had a bone stick out of his right leg, Gage came over.

"Hey" he said lifting up his pants leg

"Is it bad" Jack asked as he saw Sam rush over

"Nah it's not bad, i shattered my leg during a jet ski race once, trying to impress this really hot girl, i ended up looking like a fool. Now that was bad". Gage said as he snapped Jack's leg back into place

"You a doctor?" Sam asked

"Nah, stunt man, used to snapping shoulders, arms and legs back into place"

He lookied up to see every one running around mad trying to fine thier loved ones.


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"What do you think happened?" Bell asked Irene

"I dunno darl', one minute i was wishing Alf happy birthday and then the next minute i'm here it's really weird" Irene replied

"Maybe it's the bermuda triangle or something" Belle again moving closer to the camp fire.

"It's not the bermuda triangle. If it was we'd be dead under water" Camille said sitting up

"Hey some people did think they made a discovery of an island believed to be the bermuda triangle" Tony joined in the conversation

"Well that's bull" Camille said

"Well whatever happened, it's not natual" Belle said

"Hey guys what are we gonna do about food?" Leah asked walking up to the group

"That's a good thought" Irene said

"Why don't we get Roman to cook us up something out of what he can find. He is a chef right" Aden gave in two cents worth standing behind them

Camille stood up

"Well this looks like a tropical island so i'd say there's lots of fruit, maybe we could just pick some in the morning"

"He maybe we're in Fiji, they'd have food, or maybe there's a village full of savages like in that gorilla movie with Jack Black in it"

"I'll help you pick some fruit in the morning Camille" Belle told her

"Hey guys i've checked all over i can't find Miles, Drew or Rachel anywhere" Libby said

"What do you mean?" i was just talking to Drew before" Belle said looking at her.

"Yeah and i saw Rachel today" Aden said

"Look i went around writting everyones names down of who was here and who wasn't and yes i saw all of these people today and the're gone.


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"He maybe we're in Fiji, they'd have food, or maybe there's a village full of savages like in that gorilla movie with Jack Black in it"


haha that was funny lol :P

I love this fic, it's awesome!!!! lol

Hopefully it's not a village full of savages :D

Update soon!!!!


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