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AS Level Results

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Okay, today I got my AS Level Results. Via phone, as I was too lazy to get up and go to sixth form in my free period. :P

Anyway, I was really quite worried about them. I'd completely crashed and burned in my psychology one, and I just couldn't get the hang of my Chemistry.

Turns out I did better than I expected, because for Psychology I got a C, and Chemistry a B. So I'm WELL CHUFFED. :lol:

But anyway... for my Maths and Biology I got B's... but I got close to A's. I'm really happy, but the worry is starting to come back.

I've been predicted, and hoping, for A's in Maths and Biology, and B's in Chemistry and Psychology. But I was under the impression that for A's you need to be getting the very top marks in modules to get an A overall. Does that mean I don't have much chance of getting an A with the Maths and Biology grades? Also, I shall be dropping (more like throwing and standing on and spitting on) Psychology at the end of this year. (hurrah!) So I need the AS level B in Psychology. Is there much chance in me getting that with a C in this module?

I hope someone can answer my questions. :D

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Well done on the fantastic results! :)

It is not the provisional grades for each module which count, but the points. For example, a very high A in one module and a low B in another can still equal an A overall. To give yourself the best possible opportunity to hit the grades you want, I would advise resitting some modules in the Summer; you do have to pay for them, but you have nothing to lose in the sense that the highest grade stands, so if you do worse in the Summer, the January marks will be those which count towards the overall A-Level.

I've at as many resit as much as I could throughout my A Level, because it gives you a better chance at achieving really good grades, because really high marks in some modules mean that lower marks don't really matter.

I hope that helps!

I get my A2 January results this afternoon. Fingers crossed. :D

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You guys are all so lucky! My school doesn't operate the electronic system, so it means that we have to wait until next Friday to get results. :(

Yeah, like Liz says, it's the actual score in each module that counts. So, basically, if you took two modules and were 10 marks under the level for an A, you'd need to get an A plus 10 marks to get an A overall - if that makes sense.

Well done on the brilliant results, though. :)

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Thanks guys. Turns out I was 3 marks off an A in Chemistry and 2 marks off an A in Maths. Bummer. I've already arranged to resit my Psychology, which was the lower-middle of a grade C, and I'm wanting to resit Biology which was basically in the middle of grade B. I'll probably speak to my Maths teacher about resitting Maths for the A... but I may wait until next January to do so. I have a lot of exams in June... and with a good B I'll hopefully be able to get a B or, if I'm lucky, A for AS Level. :)

Good luck everyone! :D

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For the ones that you were so close to an A in, you could consider a remark, and it might go up a bit. Of course, the higher your actual mark is the better, so if you're definitely keeping those subjects on for A2 then maybe resitting would be the best option. You can keep your highest mark anyway so there's not too much pressure at least :)

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