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You Don't Know The Truth

Guest tamminmad

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Type of story: Short Fic

Rating: (T)

Main characters: Dani, new character Ryan.

Genre: Drama

Warnings: Drug Refrences.

Is story being proof read: Yes

Any spoilers included: No

Summary: There's something about Dani Sutherland's past that not even her family knew.

CHAPTER 1: Old Friends and New Truths.

Dani was cleaning the table’s out side the Surf Club when someone behind her said “Hey.” Dani froze for a moment as she recognised the voice but couldn’t quite believe he was here. She hadn’t seen him in three years, she never thought she’d see him again, but here he was in Summer Bay. Dani turned around to face him.

“Ryan, hey,” she replied. “What are you doing here,” Dani asked kind of shocked to see his face again.

“I came to see you Dan, I’ve missed you,” Ryan replied, as he leant over and gave her a hug. Dani had missed him too but she didn’t know if Ryan had thought about what she said the last time they saw each other.

“You’re just as gorgeous as ever Dani,” Ryan said looking into her eyes.

“Hey Dani, sorry I took so long,” said Brodie, not realising she had interrupted.

“That’s OK Brods, I’d like you too meet a friend of mine, this is Ryan,” said Dani not really wanting to introduce them but thought she’d be polite.

“It’s nice to meet you Ryan," said Brodie.

“Yeah it’s nice to meet you too,” said Ryan, trying to keep the chat to a minimum, noticing Dani was uncomfortable.

“Well I guess I should show you around town then,” Dani said to Ryan wanting to get him away from Brodie as quick as possible in case he said something. “I’ll see you later Brods,” she said as she lead Ryan away.

Dani and Ryan walked though the Caravan Park as they chatted, “So you promise you’re not lying to me Ryan,” she said still a little unsure.

“I promise you Dani, when have I ever lied to you before?” said Ryan holding both of Dani’s hands in his and looking into her eyes.

“And you’re not going to tell anyone about me and all that stuff, because there’s some things from my past that I don’t want people to know about, OK Ryan?” said Dani, wanting to make sure the truth wasn’t going to get out.

“I won’t tell a soul,” Ryan replied reassuring Dani with the warm look in his eyes.

“So how do I go about hiring one of these vans,” he said trying to lighten the mood.

“Come up to the house and I’ll get you a key, said Dani with a smile on her face.

Thanks to Eli for proof reading. :)

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Thanks for all the nice comments guys heres the next chapter, hope you like it.

CHAPTER 2: Upset Fathers and Secrets Revealed.

“Dani, can you come down here please!” Rhys yelled up to his daughter.

“What’s up dad,” Dani said as she walked though the lounge room doors.

“Why is Ryan staying in van seven?” Rhys asked in his most unimpressed voice.

“Because he’s paying to use our facilities just like the rest of the guest’s in the caravan park,” replied Dani patronising her father.

“I didn’t say he could stay here and it’s my decision, it’s not up to you,” said Rhys not impressed with his daughters tone of voice.

“Well, why can’t he stay,” asked Dani starting to get angry at her father.

“Because he’s not the sort of bloke I want hanging around the park and you for that matter, I know he wasn’t the most well behaved person in the past and there‘s nothing to say he has changed” said Rhys trying to convince her.

“First of all Dad you don’t know anything about him and secondly he has change, and there’s no way you are going to kick him out of the van or stop me from seeing him,” Dani shouted, and then ran out the front door.

Dani knocked on the door of van seven. Ryan opened the door to find her in tears. Ryan lead her inside and closed the door. They sat on the bed Ryan holding Dani in his arms. “It’ll be alright Dan, he can kick me out of the van but he can’t stop me from seeing you,” he said, knowing in his heart how he felt about Dani and trying to find the right moment to tell her.

“I know that Ryan, but it just kills me that he thinks you’re a bad person, because you’re not, and so what if you’ve done stuff in your past that you’re not proud of because I did them too and he has no idea what you and me went through together,” said Dani trying to hold back the tears as she hugged Ryan tighter.

“Maybe the only way to get him to understand is to tell him the truth Dan, and I know you don’t want to but I think it’s your best option,” Ryan said, trying to work out a way to make Dani happy again.

“If I tell him Ryan, he’s not going to understand, he’ll more than likely disown me,” Dani replied with tears still rolling down her face. Ryan was starting to think that if Dani kept thinking this way that he may not be able to be a part of her life the way he wanted too. He felt his only option was to tell her why he really had come to see her.

“Dani there’s something I have to tell you, there’s another reason I came here, it wasn’t just to see you,” said Ryan, trying to think of the best way to say this to her.

“Ryan, you said you weren’t lying to me,” Dani said, starting to doubt her trust in him.

“I wasn’t lying Dan I just didn’t tell you the whole truth, and please let me finish before you say anything else. Dani without you I wouldn’t be here today and the amount of times you saved my life I could never repay you for. I gave up for you Dani and I never realised it before but I’m in love with you and I always have been,” said Ryan, relieved he had finally said it. Dani stared at Ryan a million things going through her head at once. She had never thought about Ryan that way before and never thought he’d ever feel that way about her, they were good friends, really good friends but did she love him?

“I..” Dani paused. “I love you to Ryan,” she said as she realised that she did in fact love him.

“Thank God,” Ryan said relieved that the girl of his dreams had reciprocated his love. They then kissed passionately, holding each other tightly.

Dani walked through the front door of her house a lot happier than she was when she left. Rhys came down the stairs and gave her a look that quickly wiped the smile off her face. “Dani we need to talk, I know Ryan is your friend and that you don’t agree with my opinion of him, but I don’t think you should hang around with him anymore,” Rhys said trying to calmly talk it through with his daughter.

“Well you’re wrong anyway because he’s not my friend anymore he’s my boyfriend,” said Dani knowing how angry that would make him.

“There is no way you are going to date that guy, as your father I refuse you to see him, you got that Dani?!” shouted Rhys.

“No Dad I don’t get that, Ryan knows me better than you ever will and he knows me better than anyone!” Dani said, stirring her father more and more.

“Well what does he know about you that I don’t?!” Rhys yelled getting more frustrated with every minute.

“Oh I don’t know, how about that I was addicted to Ice!” Dani shouted, at that moment Shelley and Colleen had walked through the front door and now had stunned looks on their faces. Dani’s heart shank as she realised what she had just done.

Cheers to Eli for proof reading.

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CHAPTER 3: The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth.

Dani sat at the dinning table with her head in her hands wondering how she was going to explain this to her parents. Rhys was standing in the kitchen not saying much, while Shelley was talking to Colleen asking her not to tell anyone about what Dani had said. Colleen agreed and then turned to leave. As she left she threw Dani a dirty look as if she thought she was the worst person in the world. “Rhys come and sit down,” Shelley said to her husband. Rhys came over and sat at the table with his wife and eldest daughter.

“Dani I don’t understand this at all, when, how, why, can you please explain it to us?” Shelley ask in her counsellor’s voice.

“I’ll only explain it if Dad promise’s not to interrupt and yell at me again,” replied Dani, knowing her father would not let her speak.

“I won’t interrupt,” said Rhys not even able to make eye contact with Dani.

Dani started to explain, “It all happened when I was fifteen, Dad you never paid any attention to what I was doing back then and Mum you were always counselling other people, I was doing bad at school and I felt every thing in my life was a mess. Then I met some people at a party and they were all doing Ice and I don’t know what made me try it in the first place but after awhile I couldn’t stop. While I was doing it I was always having fun with Ryan and all my other friends and nothing else seemed to matter.”

“Ryan, I knew that guy was trouble, it’s his fault that all this happened,” shouted Rhys.

“Dad it wasn’t Ryan’s fault I met him after I became addicted, Ok, stop blaming him all the time,” Dani shouted back at her Dad. Dani continued, “Anyway, it seemed good most of the time except for the five times I had to call an ambulance because Ryan had overdosed, they were the worst times and it was after the fifth time that I decided I was going to quit. I told Ryan that I was quitting and said that I didn’t want to rely on the drugs to get me through life because I knew one day they would be the thing to end it. I said to him that if he didn’t quit as well then there was no way that I could be friends with him anymore, he told me that he wasn’t ready to quit but that he was proud of me because I was doing something to make my life better and that was the last time I saw Ryan until he showed up here the other day. I would have told him to leave but he’s quit now to, so there’s no reasons why we can’t be friends now and that’s basically all there is to tell.”

“How do you know he’s quit,” asked Rhys.

“Because he told me he’s quit and he’s never lied to me before, and now that we're going out I definitely know he’s not lying to me because he gave it up to show me how much he loves me,” said Dani knowing her Dad would never accept Ryan as her boyfriend anyway.

“Well I don’t believe him and I never will,” Rhys said.

“Well that’s your opinion Dad, but you can’t stop me from seeing him.” Dani told her father. “Mum are you OK?” she asked her mother who hadn’t said anything for awhile.

“I can’t believe I didn’t realise. I’m supposed to be a counsellor and I don’t even know when my own daughter's taking drugs,” said Shelley disappointed in her parenting skills.

“Mum you couldn’t have know, I hide it really well, it’s not your fault it’s mine and no one else’s,” Dani said trying to make her Mum fell better.

“We have to make sure that no one finds out about this,” said Rhys not wanting people to think that he was a bad father or that his daughter was a bad person.

“They're going to find out Dad, Colleen knows, there’s no way you can keep it a secret,” said Dani.

Shelley chimed in, “She said she wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“When has Colleen ever turned down a good piece of gossip,” replied Dani. “She’s going to tell someone.”

“Yes Madge, it’s true,” Colleen said on the phone to Madge Wilkins. “I heard it with my own two ears, the words came right out of her mouth, I always knew that Dani Sutherland would be trouble...”

Thanks to Eli for proof reading.

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CHAPTER 4: The Principle and The Gawkers.

Dani woke up at 7:30 on Monday morning she knew school would be hell today. She could just imagine what all the kids at school would be saying about her. Summer Bay was a small town and people in small towns were small minded, they would never understand what she had gone through.

“Morning Brodie,” she said as she got out of bed. “I’m not looking forward to school today.”

“It might not be that bad Dani, I bet you know one even knows,” replied Brodie.

“Oh they’ll know and they’ll make a big deal about it,” said Dani as she walked out of the room.

Dani and Brodie were on their way to school, as they walked past the Diner, Colleen, Alf and Leah were standing out the front chatting away, as they spotted Dani walking past the chatter stopped, they all looked over with the same look as Colleen had had on her face last night. Dani didn’t want to have to answer any question’s so she speed up and walked away as fast as she could.

There was a buzz in the air at Summer Bay High, very unusual for a Monday morning. Mr Fisher knew why the students were so excited but he didn’t think it was acceptable for them to be gossiping about it.

Dani walked through the main doors of the school the students chatter stopped, they all stared at her. As she walked past a group of girls in her year level she said in her most mean voice, “What are you looking at?” The girls just turned away knowing they shouldn’t be staring, then the bell for first period rang. Thank god, Dani thought, no more staring idiots. “Dani,” Mr. Fisher called. Dani replied “Yes Mr. Fisher.”

“Can I see you in my office,” asked Mr. Fisher.

“Sure,” said Dani, thinking what an interesting conversation she was about to have.

“As you’re probably aware there is some gossip going around about you and I’m just wondering if it’s true or not, you can tell me it’s non of my business if you like,” said Mr. Fisher.

“It’s true, I’m not going to hide it,” said Dani, trying to look more relaxed than she actual was. “Are you going to kick me out because I was precisely addicted to drugs, Mr. Fisher,” asked Dani.

“No, No, nothing like that, I just have to make sure this doesn’t have the wrong affect on the rest of the students,” he replied.

“Well I’m not going to go and tell them it’s a good idea to take drugs, because it‘s not, I want them to learn from my mistakes not try it themselves,” she said.

“Well I’m glad to here you say that, but I think the P&C might have something to say about this, we may have to organise a drugs seminar, if we do, do you think you would be able to speak about your experiences with drugs?” explained Mr. Fisher.

“Yes, I could do that might help people understand more about what I went through,” said Dani.

“Well alright then, you can go back to class, thank you Dani,” he said.

“Ok, thanks for being so understanding Mr. Fisher,” said Dani as she left his office.

Thanks to Eli for proof reading.

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