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More Than Anyone (by vale4eva) - comments


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Awesome chapter!

Jack and Martha are so adorable together :wub:

I hope they last forever and ever :D

Great ending to the story.

But the bad thing is... it’s over! :( *cries*

I feel like writing ’more please’, but there’s no point in that. Hoping that you’ll write more. You’re a great writer! :D

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Great ending!!! :D

The way you left it was great. :)

I've loved this fic so much! Upset it's over :(

I think it's a really great achievement to be able to finish a fic because i've never managed it with any of my fics either people stop reading commenting or i just stop getting the inspiration to carry on so people really do underestimate how great of an achievement it is. Okay, i'll stop now. :P

:lol: at it being in the Adult Section.

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It's over! :( *cries*

Great romantic chapter! It was perfect, so was the entire fic!

I love the description of the landscape. It almost felt like I was there. :)

Martha and Jack forever and always!!! :wub:

I can't wait until you start writing a new fic.

You really did a great job, Rachel! :D

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It's over! *cries* :(

I've never been a massive Jack&Martha fan, *ducks and hides*, but there was just something about the way you wrote this - maybe it had something to do with the fact that they went from best friends to lovers, and I can totally identify with that (no, I won't bore you with my life story here!) - that I found it so readable and appealing, and not like a lot of the other J&M stuff on here.

That was such a cute and adorable last chapter and, oh, I want a boyfriend like Jack! :wub:

Thankyou for such an engaging and superbly written story, Rach; even if I have been a bit of a silent appreciator - my bad, sorry! I'm really gonna miss this - I hope we get to see more of your work soon! Please? :) But not after you've taken a, well deserved, break, of course! (Unless you want to treat us to something sooner, obviously!)

- Jessi.

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Aww loved the last chapter! :wub: It was an excellent ending but i'm really sad thats it finished :( But i just want to say thank you because i've really enjoyed this fic! Your writing was always brilliant and you always updated quickly so it was easy to get into :)

Well i loved the whole of this fic so if u ever do decide to write another one i'll love u forever :D:P

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Rachy!!! Noooo!!!

I don't want this to finish!!!

Why does it have to finish!

*Sad crying face*

It was brilliant... I'm like going to start crying in a minute or something!


That last chapter... it was sooo cute!

They make such a cute couple... but hey we all already knew that!

“Open up” he cooed as he did the aeroplane game with the food; flying it down from the air and into her mouth.

She giggled as she caught the food between her teeth, “You’re such a loser” she poked him in the stomach as she chomped on her cracker.

“But you love my loser antics” he grinned at her.

“Very true” she nodded, “no one does them quite like you Jacky” she grinned back at him before raising her eyebrows.

Haha!!! Jacky he's just pure... well.. cuteness

Awww I love his looser antics...

But hey!!! Jackys no loser!!!!

:o Rachy... quite frankly im shocked at that!

YOU called him a loser!!! *Sad Face* :-(

Hmmmm Jacky did take a awful long time to make that fire...

I'm sure Martha could have done soooo much better!!!!


“I’m quite proud of my efforts actually” he gloated, “there’s not a lot of men that can say they’ve lit a fire all by themselves. Yet another reason why I’m so darn perfect” he smirked.

“Haha! Yeah” she raised her eyebrows at him, “you just keep telling yourself that” she muttered just loud enough for him to hear.

“Hey!” he laughed as he grabbed a handful of grass and threw it at her, “You’re only jealous”.

“Oh, yeah, I’m really jealous” she rolled her eyes.

^^^^ Sombodies head is about to explode Jacky! :-P

But I guess something good came out of the last chapter....

She nodded as she laughed softly, before shuffling around and coming within inches of his face. Leaning into him she rested her cheek alongside his, closing her eyes she rubbed against his skin, before whispering seductively into his ear, “I want you”.

So hey Rachy... I finally forgive you for being mean to them both in the other chapters!

They're together

Everything is romantic

Everything is perfect

That makes the following equation

Together + Romantic + Perfect = JnM Love :wub:

Awwww!!! :-) Bless Them!

And another thing that has really made me extra proud of you was that we you wrote JnM sex... Again...

And that always makes me happy :ph34r:


So overall i think we can very safely say..... (Well many things actally... here's a list :-P)

1) Thank you soooo much for writing such a fantastic fic (Even if yo were nasty to Jacky on numerous occasions)

2) Thats another amazing fiction completed and as always the writing was brilliant

3) This was what I looked foward to reading a update of every couple of days... (Yes I know I have no life) i'm really going to miss this one.....

I could go on forever... but you know I got this stupid Drama c/w to do *Angryness*

How Annoying... But oh well!!!

But hey look on the bright sides of things....

At least now you've finished this you wont have to listen to me rambelling on replying (Like im doing now :-P)

But anyways Rachy....


For writing such an amazing and entertaining fic

It is very appreceated

And you're an amazing writer!!!

Make sure you tell me as soon as yo write another one

Well thats if you do...

But you will... wont you!...

We both know you will!!!

Anyways promise last little bit now...

I will really miss this

I'm going to cry or something! :-(

Siany__x :)

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