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Great couple of updates!

Martha should have just told him and then it all would have been out in the open. She's got nothing to worry about though; Jack's a sweetheart :wub: Granted, he's got a bit of a track record in the old girlfriends department but, it's Martha...he would never cheat on her or knowingly hurt her :)

Jack had best not go and prove me wrong now :P

Can't wait to read more!

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:) Made me smile in that chapter!

Sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye, but I figured you could do with the rest.

I really think we should talk, there’s obviously something on your mind.

I hope you’re not upset with me over last night, I was just concerned.

I love you, and I’ll talk to you later



Aww How sweet, Jack! :)

How could things change so quickly? Just over 24 hours ago, they were blissfully happy, just basking in their new found love. And now look at them! The whole thing was beginning to turn into a nightmare, and it was all because of one small but extremely important concept, something that she was so sure was under control, but clearly she was wrong, and that was …


Trust always causes problems! But not with Jack and Martha. You hear me missy!!! <_< Nothing bad to happen them. I dont want Martha's insecurity to split them up like in HAA.

His eyes suddenly opened wide, “Oh my god”, he replied softly as he came to a realization of what was happening; placing his hand to his mouth in shock, he spoke the words. “You’re pregnant?”

“What!?” her head quickly shot up “no, of course not. Why does everyone keep asking me that” she grumbled under her breath. “Do I look fat or something?” she raised her voice slightly. “What? No, honey, you’re beautiful, as always”.

“You didn’t answer my question” she groaned.

“No, you are not fat, you’re just normal Martha size” he smiled sweetly.

:wub: Aww how cute! I wish I had Jacky Oh wellz!

They smiled at each other, holding their gaze, before their heads fell in unison and the atmosphere quickly became consumed with awkwardness. This was all looking rather familiar, not 7 days ago they were in the same position as now, with neither of them really knowing what to say to each other and finding the deadly silences, almost unbearable.

Awkardness always leads to fluff. And Missy Rachel is the best to write it :P. (Dont let your head explode this time Rach ;p)

Sorry for replying so late So much bloody work to do! Stupid A levels!

I love the bits above in pink and I want more as soon as you can do it!

Also thanks for dedicating it to me. Really cheered me up

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For frig sake. What the hell is with their parents? They're not little kids. And the rents are having a little sook because they sneaking around in the middle of the night. They're not 8.

Arghhh Martha. Look what you've gone an done.

Great chapter Rach. Looking forward to more.

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Rachel, why did you end it there? :( I'm leaving for London tomorrow (yay no school for 4 days! :) ) and I'll have to wait 5 days to know what happens next! :(

Nice chapter!

What's wrong with their parents? For God's sake, they're not kids anymore!

Poor Jack! :(

Martha, you have to trust him.

Preview: What now for Jack and Martha? And what is really going on between Jack and Laurie? Was Martha right to worry?

They have to talk about it and then they're going to be fine. Jack's not cheating on Martha with Laurie. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this. Martha was probably wrong to worry. At least I hope so!

More please...

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Now you've done it :angry:

Poor Jack :(

Now he thinks Martha doesn't trust him *cries*

Martha needs to learn to open up to Jack, she's the one thats ruining the relationship :angry: Jack did nothing wrong, shes just insecure

Great chapter

Loved the fluffy begining :wub:

Please update soon

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