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More Than Anyone (by vale4eva) - comments


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Naughty Naughty :P

If Lily comes back I will not be responsible for my actions :ph34r::angry:

I have an idea, if Martha and Jack's parents don't approve then.... they should elope :D:wub:

I laughed how Jack's mum checks on them like they're little kids

Fantastic chapter

Please, please update soon *smiles sweetly* (I would use a smiley face there but i have already used up my limit of emoticons *angry face* )

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“Its like …” he thought for a second, “say you give a fat person a cookie, and then at the last minute, you take it away from them … its painful.”

She raised her eyebrow as she looked across at him, “Interesting metaphor” she giggled.

“Yeah, I know, it’s the best I could think of” he chuckled back.

:lol: I'll have to remember that.

Can't wait for more!

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Hey I love this story!!!

Please update soon I can't wait to see what happens.

I was listening to the radion and thought this song perfectly suited the storyline in this story or well the bit where they got together...

What do you think:


"Could It Be"

I know we've been friends forever

But now I think I'm feeling something totally new

And after all this time I opened up my eyes

Now I see you were always with me


Could it be you & I

Never imagined

Could it be suddenly I'm fallin' for you

Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew

Could it be that it's true

It's you and it's you

It's kinda funny you were always near

But who would ever thought we'd end up here

And everytime I need you, you've been there for me

Now it's clear I've been waiting for you


'Cause today is the start of the rest of our lives

I can see it in your eyes

And it's real, and it's true

It's just me and you

Could it be that it's you


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