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More Than Anyone (by vale4eva) - comments


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Excellent chapter, mind you they're all awesome :D You write unbelievably well, its so easy to get into the characters :)

I completely hate Lilly, desperate or what?? And i felt so bad for Martha :( i just wanted to slap Jack, when will he ever learn. I'm not liking the sound of 'oh dear' either :(

Looking forward to an update :D

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Arghhhhhh, JACK!!! You pathetic man.

Let me tell you a few things (hope you're listening Rach :wink:)...

1. Lily is pathetic, obsessive and stupid. She needs to GO, and you need to stop granting her every wish and falling for her stupid excuses.

2. Stop making it up to Martha for ditching her for Lily (even though, I swear, if my memory is correct, that it was indeed Martha who you actually invited on the trip) and then doing the same thing all over again!

3. And you know what? I had a lot more to say but it's just left my brain. lol

4. Oh yea, start treating Martha like she actually means something to you. Idiot.

As you can see, wasn't particularly happy with Jack there....or Rachel for that matter since you're writing the damn thing. :angry:

BUT, other than those 'issues', I'm loving the fic. It's great and it's original, seriously brill writing (wouldn't expect any less from you) and even though I don't always comment (erm, more like never) I do read it and I :wub: it.

Great stuff Rach! *thumbs up*


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Why is Jacky being such a.... a... well a man! <_<

The whole way through this he only thinks with his pants... but one does still love the whole story!


I dont like Lily!

He needs to stop doing whatever she says... *Stamps feet and has a little tantrum!*

I dont like her!!!!

Hmmm anyways besides the fact that I hate Lily... and Jack was just being a typical man and only thinking with his pants... It was brilliant!!!


So please update soon!

Oh and thanks :D .... But i really hate my name :P


Edited by -x-Siana-x-
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