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More Than Anyone (by vale4eva) - comments


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Funny chapter.

Thank God Jack came before that guy could do something to Martha.

Martha is hilarious when she's drunk. :D I don't think she will be that happy to wake up in Jack's arms... practically naked. Especially if she remembers taking a shower in front of him! :D

Please update soon.

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You know i love it :) but seeing as this is my first comment [only started reading last night and finished it now :P] i just like to say that i think the storyline has been really good and that it's good it's not just a typical Jack and Martha fic where they are together already it keeps you wondering whether they are going to get together.

The latest chapter was good, glad that henry didn't do anything don't really like him and definitely don't like lily/laurie +[any other future interruption although hope there isn't another one :P but seems like there will be] in a way i am glad martha got drunk because even though it may not have been the best thing to do what jack has seen he can't take back which means he'll be thinking about her even more now he's seen parts of her and less about others and hopefully he'll stick to what he said at the end - the only way he can make sure it doesn't happen again is by not leaving her for some other chick which means he prob won't be going with as many if any from now on and hopefully then can start to become a couple now although i wouldn't put it past you if you didn't make them one yet :rolleyes:.

Can't wait for next chapter. :)

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Rachel you scare me....

Martha is an annoying whiney little 5 year old (who is HILARIOUS when drunk) and Jack is some weird overly possesive sex maniac. I don't actually want them to be together now... they have more of an older brother/younger sister relationship going on... minus the fact they're not related, lol. That chapter was funny though, I especially loved this bit:

There was no way he would be able to sleep in the same bed as her tonight! Not only was the prospect of sharing a bed with a half naked woman (who just so happened to be his best friend) a mixture of temptation as well as torture. But he’d also have to worry about him accidentally grabbing something … or two things to be exact.

He he he. :P Please update soon with another lovely LONG chapter. :D

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