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More Than Anyone (by vale4eva) - comments


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“Well, why doesn’t she do what you’ve done, go out and find someone to spend time with, someone different, someone exciting” she raised her eyebrows.

Because she's not a slut like Lily. :) Can you not describe Jack's little sex romps in so much detail Rach? Put me right off my breakfast, lol. Make Martha call up that boy, the sweet one. Jack's a jerk. Please update soon. :D

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^^ Erm :unsure: Where exactly was the detail? :P

You asked for it...

He gently kissed her back, his hand cupping her cheek as he did so; the tender moment soon transforming into something much more passionate however.

Truth be told, having a naked woman standing in front of him, at his mercy, willing to devour him, right then and there, was just that little bit too much for Jack to handle, so, he proceeded to deepen the kiss, his mind and common sense being thrown out of the window as his hormones yet again took over.

Getting lost in the moment, he wrapped his arms around her warm and soft body, his hands trailing around her back and to her front as he pushed her up for more.

She moaned through pleasure as his hands worked her front, her body was now tingling all over; right from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She had never felt so alive!

Now you may not think so much of that, but I call 9 lines a little too detailed for my liking. :P But yes you're right it is a lot more tame than your usual stuff, lol. BUT when you're writing it about J&M we will excuse you. :P

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You've got poor Puja thinking that Lily is Laurie. :P

Lmao! My bad :P I blame this fever I've got; plays havoc with the brain!

LILY is a joke. I mean, I know it's Jack and all but, what a complete desparado :rolleyes:

Jack should learn the concept of the word 'No'- it's not that hard!

More soon please :D

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