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A Haunted Mystery (by matticus01) - comments


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I'm glad your nan feels better. :)

:o Ric proposed to Mattie in front of everyone and she said no because she's dying! Poor Mattie, Ric, Beth!

I still don't know who's talking. :( I don't have a clue. I'll have to keep on reading this fic if I want to find out who are the 2 people. :)

Please update soon.

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Now I'm thinking the two persons are Belle and Lucas. I have no idea why Belle, but I can't think of anyone else Lucas would love. Lucas because he makes the best hot chocolates along with Jack, but then it might be Jack... :unsure: If it's Jack then it must be someone older, but I doubt that it is Jack. Could be though. but I don't think Mattie would be the love of Jack's life :lol: So I'm thinking Lucas.

Cassie=slut <_< How is it possible to so... stupid? Is she on some kind of mission, like trying to sleep with all the guys who has a girlfriend and see how annoyed and angry she can get the girlfriends? :blink:

More please!

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:o Cassie! What is she doing? Seducing two guys who already have girlfriends! :angry: Can't she find a single guy or something? :rolleyes:

The guy's definitely Jack or Lucas. If it's Jack, the girl would have to be Martha because she's the only one he ever dated and loved in the Bay. But I don't think it's Jack and Martha. So, if it's Lucas, the girl should be Mattie or Belle, I think. :unsure:

Bec, I need more information! So, please update soon! *begs*

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Hey Matticus just read ur fiction.. and it was enough to distract me from the tennis which i was watching so that iin itself says something about how good it is lol... I really like the mystery in it (u used my name as the girls fake name haha)

I think the girl is Belle (I thought either her or Martha from the beginning) now I don't think it's Martha so it has to be Belle and the guy I think is Lucas or maybe Ric.

Although Lucas with black hair hmmm...

I really want it to be Jack and Martha only cuz they are my fav. couple but Jack loving Matilda and sleeping with Annie is not likely, so I'll stick with Belle and Lucas or Ric (if only Ric made the hot chocolates).

Anyways please update soon it's great!

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