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A Haunted Mystery (by matticus01) - comments


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Just read this a minute ago!

It's brilliant, just like all your others which by the way i have been reading but have ben extreamly busy revising for exams so i havent been able to reply!

I love this

Keep us guessing :)

and please please please update soon!


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Great chapter!

It’s great that you’re not telling us who’s talking, but now I’m starting to get unsure about it being Jack who’s the guy :unsure:

It sounded like a fun Christmas :D Wish my Christmas would have been like that :wink:

So.... whoever was in the accident, forgot everything and took off and is now afraid of cars. My guesses is that whoever those two people are, they were together before the accident, since she seems to be very interested in the guy’s wedding ring, and I see that as a sign that they have been together and she’s not really over him. She just couldn’t get herself to go back when her memory came back.

More please!

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Yay 2 chapters! :D

I think you should keep us guessing but every few chapters, you should reveal us something.

I wonder who are the woman who had an accident and the man who found her. I'm pretty sure they used to date each other, the woman really seems to have feelings for the man. Maybe HM is right and it's Jack. I don't have a clue! I've got an exam tomorrow and that's like the only thing I can think of right now. I'll have to keep reading this fic to find out, right? :P

That Christmas party was great! Everyone had a great time. :)

Poor Mattie! Cassie'd better stay away from Ric. :angry:

More please.

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Yay A Update!


Just One Question...

Are Mattie Ric Cassie Belle ect... Teens?

Like Are They The Real Ages In The Show?

If They Are Does That Mean They Cant Be The Ones In The Accident Becasue There Not Old Enough To Drive...

Or Is The Law Different Over There?

Hmmm... I Dont Know What Im On About.... :wink:

I Thought it Was Jack And Martha To Begin With

But Now I Dont Know...

I Dont Know Who It Is...

I Confused... :unsure:

Confused In A Good Way Though... :P

Not Because I Dont Understand Whatt Your Writing...

Hmmm Im Confusing You Now Right?

Im Confusing Myself!!!

I'll Shut Up!

Brilliant Writing :D

Update Please


I Said You Need To Keep Us Guessing But Now I Wanna Know Who It Is... But I Dont if You Get Me?

Yeh No?

Ok... Ill Shut Up...


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Great chapter!

Hm... who is the two people talking? I’m thinking maybe Mattie and Ric... :unsure:

Poor girl who has been in the accident :( She’s too scared to go back, and claims the girl she just to be, died in the accident.

Ric was going to ask Mattie to marry him? :o Wonder how that went :unsure:

More please!

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