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Sutherland Appreciation

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They were a great family with lots of drama even tho neither Kirsty nor Dani could act very well, and Max, even tho he wasn't a bad little actor, never came across as a real kid with the storylines they gave him. :P Don't have a favourite. Jade was the best actress but Kirsty and Dani had the more interesting stories. :)

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I loved all the Sutherlands except for Kirsty who i really could not stand. Dani was my favourite as she had attitude and a sensitive side with all the trauma that she went through living in the Bay. She is my favourite character of all time. :wub:

Jade was my second favourite as she was the nice twin and Kirsty was the evil twin. I also loved Rhys and Shelley whereas everyone else seems to hate them for cheating on dreary, annoying Beth. That just made me like them even more. :P

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Didn't like them as a family, but Max rocked!

I thought I was the only one who liked him. :P

I liked Max because he was a cute little fellow. He wasn't known for being over-dramatic, like most teenagers. He could also be mature for his age at times...like the wonderful speech he did for Fisher's leaving, which I thought was great for a kid. I had to like him. Yes, the Max/Colleen friendship was nice.

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