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Jessica Tovey

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Sorry guys don't have a scanner but this is what the article says:

My real life love affair

Home and Away star Jessica Tovey has a vested interest in her characers romance with Drew (Bobby Morley) working out. The pair have been dating off-screen for months. Jessica, who has played the rebellious Belle since 2006, met Bobby on the set of the popular Australian soap. "He'd moved from Melbourne to Sydney and didn't have any family or friends here so straight away we just started hanging out and became really really close," says Jessica. She believes the relationship between their characters is one of the best on the show. "It's just so real, how they seem to be fighting and getting back together and being happy one minite and clawing eachothers eyes out the next," she says. "I hope it it continues that way. Bobby and I love working with each other. It would be such a shame if they ever pulled us apart. "I'd like to see them stay together because it gives us so much much fun stuff to work with. We can be so cheeky, screaming at each other one minute and kissing and making up the next." In fact Jess says, the whole two years has been great. "I think a lot of that has to do with how interesting Belle is because she is not a conventional charater at all. She is very much a wild child but very intelligent. "She started on the show breaking into cars and now she's all moralistic and grown up and starting a new job and finishing her HSC." Jessica herself was finishing her own HSC exams when she started on the show and know what Belle is going through. "I can understand what it's like when you go in the big, bad scary world," she says "But even though I was a confident and happy girl, I was never quite as rude a Belle when she started. I think she's a bit more like me now. "My parents were very good at reaching me right from wrong. I grew up in a family of three girls and I was the youngest so I didn't get away with anything. By that stage , parents are happy to tell you when your being a smart arse. I didn't get away with much." That sensible up bringing has proberly helped the young actress deal with life in the spotlight. "I started knowing there would be an element of my private life that would be stolen, but to be honest, I had no conception of just how intense that would be," she says adding she believes the attention is even worse for the guys on the soap. "People like Bobby and Chris Hemsworth (who played Kim) have alot more media attention than me. I thinks there's something about young boys that is more interesting to 14-year-old girls than young women." Jess says even though she has made a decision to stay out of the public arena, people still follow her in the supermarket or come up to her while she's dining with her family. "It's really nice to know people are enjoying your work but I don't really want to end up on the cover of a magazine or have people taking photos of me coming out of bars at 2am. I try to stay away from that," she says. "Australia seems to be following the trend where magazines are becoming obsessed with the lives of celebs. You do accept it's part of the job but, at the end of the day, you'd be hard-pressed to find any actor who enjoys that side of the job. You take the good with the bad."


Jessica Tovey's father is a kiwi and she has made several trips to New Zealand to visit her grandmother who lives in Christchurch. "As kids," she says, "we went two or three times a year - mainly Christchurch and the South Island."

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