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Fri, 22 Feb 08 - Episode # 4580

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ What Can I Say – Rachel is AMAZING “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 22 Feb 08 - Episode # 4580]

Note – the newbie at SBH at MR Bartlett [not Barnett], and its VJ [not Rory] who “scored” an IADL HM for the blue school uniform in the previous ep

DINER : With Leah naturally distraught, Morag takes her of the phone, and discovers what happened – and abseiling accident. When off phone, Morag tells Irene that ahe will close up that diner tonight whilst Irene gets Leah home.

NOAH’S : Rachel & Tony are keen yo spend time together – but both insist that it not a date. Alf suggest a top shelf wine is appropriate.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & Rachel are about to enter when rach suggest that that should check out Sam’s art work. Johnny is worried, bout Tony insist that he isnl;t “:game” to go against Sam’s [his daughter in law] wishes.

NOAH’S/LEAH’S : Alf is toiled, by Irene, about Dan’s death. Alf naturally is shocked. Irene asks if he has seen Rachel, and Alf tells her about the wine and possible Tony/rach restauraiunt plans.

LEAH’S : With Leah sit8ing in the dark in her bedroom [stone faced], Irene & colleen are rally worry bout her and they are both keen on find Rachel.

HUNTER HOUSE : Rach & Tony are talking in the kitchen, when tiny kisses Rachel, but she doesn’t look overly keen on him being so “fwd” like that. They agree to start having their dinner.

NOAH’S : Morag trills Alf about how Dan died, and Alf comments that although he loves thee bay, sometimes it looks like the Gods ardently against that ppl of this town. Morag wonders why Alf is lost in thought. He comments about what sally said – the while “al life for hers” thing.

HUNTER HOUSE : With john y listening in [in annexe] to Rachel & Tony’s [logue room] chat, Tony & rach agree to just let things happen with their ‘ship, rather than forcing things.

Rach hers a noise, and Tony says that it will be the answering machine – he has turned the volume down to zero.

LEAH’S : Irene leaves a msg on Tony’s ans machine, urging for Rachel to contract her [if Tony sees her soon]. Irene, having contacted all the restaurauinbt in the area, tells colleen that she is gong to ring drew. Colleen enters Lah’s room. Leah is still stone faced, and doesn’t seen to acknowledge that colleen in is the room.

HUNTER HOUSE : When Tony comments that Alf has picked a very fine “: mature drop” [the wine], rach comments that perhaps Tony might have been referring to himself. Both laugh and they kiss [with both of them into theis time].

In the annexe, Johnny bumps something over, which Tony hears, so he goes out the front door. He cheeks if the annexe is locked – it is so he goes back inside the main part of house. Rachel suggest that he check phone msg, and when they play Irene’s mag, Rach takes it to be another msg form Irene being concerned abort Annie. Rach says that she will ring Irene later.

LEAH’S : Iran & colleen don’t quite know what to do bout Leah until Rachel arrive. Irene suggest that colleen should tidy up VJ's toys, but when Leah hers this she gets up and insists that she will do it., whilst Irene cays that Leah should concern herself with the, Leah launches into an emotional “speech”. She VERY emotionally says that VJ is all that6 she has left, but she REALLY start to painfully “howl” [think of the what Beth was after they thought that Scott had drowned at sea.]. Irene does her beat to try to comfort Leah, who emotionally slumps to the floor.

NOAH’S : Pip suggest o Alf that he should he the one to tell sally about Dan. Morag thinks that alfs & sally’s near death “visions” can be explained by since, but pip insists threat things sally was shown by tom HAVE come true, although Morag thinks its convenient when pip says that she can’t reveal what [cassia preggers]

LEAH’S : After Irene tells colleen that drew & co are on their way home, colleen suggest that they should take Leah to the hospital. when Irene enters approaches the setting on the flor [Leah’s bedroom] Leah, Leah won’t budge.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tiny & rach waaaaaaaaaay kiss, and when they have finished, toy suggests that he “may” need a cold shower after that. Irene knocks on the windrow, and Tony & rach wonder what if happening. Irene says that Leah is in a bad way, before clarifying to bay that it’s Dan who is dead!!!

After rach, Tony & Irene bail, Johnny enters the main par of the house.

LEAH’S : Rachel tells toiny to go tho hospital pharmacy with a script that she hands to him. She suggest that oiren &* colleen should take break as they’ve dine a pretty good job with Leah so far.

Rach enters Leah’s room and sit beside her. Rach [using all that psych training & great doctorly bedside manner] IS able to “get to” Leah, Leah [who starts that scene with that stony face] is crying by the end, after rach tells her that she needs to strtet to grieve for the healing process to begins. She insists that Dan will be forever a parte of her, and all cooooool stuff.

[note – Rachel is fast becoming my fave character. I always liked her, and maybe now she COIMPLETELY free of Kimmy, by hgoing out with Tony, that it’s just accentuated my LOVE of her.]

HUNTER HOUSE : Johnny in in longue room when he hears someone approaching. Its maddie, so Johnny goes into the kitchen. When Maddie takes the wine glasses into the kitchen, Johnny sneaks into the lounge room,a nd them back into the annexe. Maddie thoughts she hears something, [in lounge] but didn’t really investigate

LEAH’S : Drew & Belle are talking to Irene [longu room]. All 3 get emotional [partic Irene & drew] with Irene saying that she thought of Dan as :one of my own” [kids?]

In kitceh,m Tony tries to comfort colleen.

HUNTER HOUSE : Maddie is siting on the couch – looking at dan;’s pic etc in the 2007 SBH yearbook.

LEAH’S : With everyone in the langue room, Leah emerges form her bedroom, and drew emotionally tells her that pater has been told about what happened. Leah sys it all when she sys that

NOAH’S : Alf, Morag & pip talk about what’s hopped. Alf insist arhat there is no justice in the world, whilst pip says that Leah will be going through “Hell” at the mo.

MONTAGE : Maddie is crying on the hunter house couch.

Cut to Leah’s place, with Irene & dre3w comforting gach other, likewise, rach & Tony and Drew & Leah, with Colleen on the back patio [in sight the in the kitchen Rachel & Tony].

Cut back to he hunter house, with Maddie asleep on the couch, and johnny [in the gap tween the main house & annexe] watching the sleeping maddie.


Note - pics are off the official H&A website





The bay says goodbye to Dan with a moving funeral

Johnny still muchly plans on get revenge on Sally

There are 2 surprise arrivals in the bay [one in hot pink high heel shoes]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD - Belle: red [blue squares etc] scoop neck t/black knee length shorts

SILVER - Colleen: hot pink satin like top/dark blue [white floral] nightgown

BRONZE - Matilda: white [girl wearing a pink t motif] t/hot pink & white floral kini top/tan shorts


Drew: light grey singlet/ black knee length shorts

Irene: green leafy long sleeve blouse

Johnny: dark [brown eagle etc motif on the back] sleeveless t/denim jeans

Leah: black spaghetti strap top/black long pants

Morag: black suit/orange top

Pippa: sky blue top/white [black leafy] blouse/pink floral print skirt

Rachel: balck wide strap top/dark beaded necklace/dark long pants

Tony: white button up shirt/denim jeans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

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