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Hi Everyone

- ther

I was wondering if people had time, whether you could fill out a questionnaire for my dissertation in psychology. The questionnaire is related to stigma due to mental illness - there are four different questionnaires and you only need to answer 1 of them, so if you would be willing to take part will you please PM me and send me your email address and I can send you one of them.

Thanks very much

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I will help you, if you help me. I've just started at college doing a Pathway to Higher Education and have really taken to Psychology. I plan on doing Psych at Uni but would like to know how you like the subject.

Hi Pierced Muse

I took psychology for A Level and loved it, I am really enjoying the course and will really miss it when I finish in April/May although there is a lot of work involved. The area I'm really interested in is mental illness but unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to study much of it until this year where I am doing a module in Clinical Psychology.

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