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Hye, I live in NZ, I love the show, but I missed episode 3 last sunday night, could someone please tell me what happened?

I thought we had ep 4 last night??

Umm well I won't go into details but basically police found Carl's drug lab and had it all destroyed. Jason and Mark found out about Carl using their machine to process ecstasy and selling it really cheap so they shot him in public in the park. He doesn't die though. Voice-over lady said "Carl would never be the same again..." Something like that, anyway :lol: And there was this side story with Dino Dibra but it wasn't exactly interesting. I'm sure you'll find a summary somewhere on the internet :rolleyes:

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It's been confirmed by Gyton and Les that a second series has been givent he heads up!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! :D :D :D So happy! And to think it was almost over this wednesday... Although it will be weird to see where it goes as it's all been based on real events.

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You might also like to know that Felicity Packard - a former Home and Away scriptwriter - is one of the three writers for Underbelly. Amongst the episodes she wrote is the second last episode - which screened in Australia last week.

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