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A return and departure!

Guest Nathan

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Carmella and Ned signed new contracts a few months ago meaning they will be on screen until early in the 2009 season at least. Marco just joined a matter of months ago, so I don't think he could get out of his contract that easily. Elle has said in interviews that she loves working on the show and proud to be on it and has no plans to leave. Why would the kid playing Mickey leave and not his little brother (Ben)? Surely his parents would make that decision and hardly would let one of their children leave and the other one stay. The Parkers all signed 3 year contracts and you say Riley is going, so if that's true, it wouldn't be hard for Steve Bastoni to leave if he so desperately wanted to.

I was wrong. :rolleyes:

Marco, Ned and Riley have been axed according to websites.

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