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A return and departure!

Guest Nathan

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Thank goodness, I never liked Oliver. He was a poor replacement for Will IMO.

I'm surprised Lyn is returning so soon...I felt that her character was well and truly wrung out by the time she left. There was nowhere left for her to go so she ended up with some terrible storylines (like marrying Paul). But it's a nice bit of continuity for her to come back and see her family and friends, and it will be nice to see her.

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Oliver isn't the only one leaving... Riley, Marco, Ned, Carmella, Rachel, Mickey and Elle are also on their way out - within the space of a few of months of each other. This, on top of Frazer, Rosie, Harold, Valda, Janae all leaving Ramsay Street... It's called "jumping off the sinking ship"!! And from what I hear most of the rest of the cast (especially the new ones like Jane Hall and Steve Bastoni who agreed to come onboard because they were promised Neighbours was "changing") are cursing their contracts and regretting they can't jump ship too... I really wish they'd let this show go while it still has SOME grace... It's all too sad to watch it die this slow and painful death...

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I'm sad that Oliver's going, but seeing that Elle and Riley are going too, it's not so bad. I can't stand watching Elle lower herself to Riley's level when Oliver is right THERE. She's way too classy to be with a surfy bum who looks like he's eternally stoned. There is a time and a place for such characters, but none of them should be awkwardly affiliated with my Elle.

Happy to hear that Rachel is FINALLY getting off my TV screen. Perhaps she'll be moving to Orange County like she's so obviously wanted to do for the past three years <_<

Ned and Mickey will be a big loss for me, but I can only hope they'll be going off to join Janae and the rest of the Timminses. Perhaps there'll be a delightful spin-off...

None of this is as big a problem for me as the mass exodus on Home and away. With the exception of Ned and Elle (who I've been pained to watch anyway, given her stupid circumstances), these are characters I can either take or leave. I like Frazer and Rosie, but they haven't been around long enough for me to be overly attached. Oh, and Harold of course, but he's getting on so I can't expect him to stay around forever, and I don't begrudge him a change of scenery after so many years.

When all these people go, I'll still have Karl, Susan, Toady, Steph, Lou, Zeke, Declan, Paul, Rebecca, Bridget, Ringo(?), etc to care about. When the people on H&A go, I think I'll have about 3 or 4 characters left that I have a genuine interest in, and even then I'm not confident that the writers will actually DO anything interesting with them. If Neighbours goes down, I don't think H&A's got much chance of staying afloat either.

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