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Gorgeous update. I haven't seen your artwork in such a long time!

I'd love to request some Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Mark Salling (Glee) avs if you had the time. If not, no worries!

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Thanks so much - Georgia, Lise, Gem, Lesley_Baker, Sabrina, GlowingAngel, Carina, Kristen and Katie ^_^ you dont know what you all mean to me.

Georgia I have made some Ed Westwick Icons so I'll post them next time

Also: Things have calmed down over the fighting of my artwork so I can do requests again but if any fighting starts up I will stop doing them for good!

Phew... Thats all that... now for the best bit :P

These are seriously The best, most gorgeous brothers on this planet, the caps are thanks to Jen and this... is dedicated to Jen :)

* adenjefferies-2.png * aden-J.png * adenjefferies-01.png * aden-justin.png *

* aden-justin-01.png * best-brothers.png * brothers-grim.png * hang-five.png

* jefferies-bros.png * justinaden.png * justinjefferies.png * justinjefferies-01.png

* older-brother.png * thejefferiesbros.png * the-bestbrothers.png * hug-it-out.png * adenjefferies-02.png

Enjoy drooling

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*Scrambles into thread*

Oooooh!! Prettiness. I think this is a very good deal. I send you dodgy screencaps and you make awesome icons that I can just stare at. Adoring #4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 16 (HUGS!). And notice how they hug. It's not just a manly slap on the back, it's like a full on, both bodies touching kind of hug ^_^. You are awesome!

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