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Your all amazing and I love you... Seriously :D

This, is what I think of Nicole and her fake friendship with Belle... I needed to vent and some people along with myself will find these funny


I'm seriously considering using one :D

Bec these are great, they are indeed funny if you don't mind I might just use one as my profile pic on facebook. Did you get my last message, I was wondering, if it's not to much trouble, can you make me an Adelle wallpaper for my youtube channel. I just love all the Adelle avs you make they are great.

You should do some with Belle on saying, Nicole will never steal my man or he's my husband Nicole not yours or something along those lines.

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I love them all!!!! The text is so suiting. Especially the one about "Belle never gave her the necklace, Nicole stole it" :lol: Love it. Also I agree about the fake relationship with Belle. "Now Belle's gone I can stop pretending to be her friend and steal her man" Yep that's very true and suits the photo. The cropping is wondeful.

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