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I CAN'T WAIT!!! So excited.

I think the story is (Or was last time I read) that there are only 8 of the planned 16 episodes been filmed, and then the strike started. I think the producers of the channel have said that they're still going to air the filmed 8 episodes. I don't get why, because it'll sure be annoying to only watch half a series.

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I'm so looking forward to it started, but i'm not as well! As I think Lost is one of shows if you haven't seen it for a while you forget whats just happened as there so much going on at one time!

I can't wait to finally get some answers tho!

Has anyone heard whats going to happen in season 4! I think it will be about

the other and the crash victims join forces to defeat the new others, who is on the boat.

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OMG has anyone seen episode 1 yet?

didn't Charlie look so good! It was so upsetting to see everyone find out he was dead, poor Clare and Hurley. I wonder who was in the chair! I was thinking it could of been Locke, however I've just read somewhere that it was either Jack's dad or Charlie. I hope it's Charlie and somehow he's back for good! Mind didn't the season 3 final say something about Jack's dad.

And what about Hurley saying when he was arrested about the him being part of the Oceanic Flight 6! So that means only survivors! So that must mean, Jack, Kate, Hurley live but how's the others! I can't wait to find out more about that!

Also looking forward to seeing what happens to the different groups now that they've split up!

I've just found this

Finally, some answers—just not the ones Lost fans were expecting.

ABC has announced that the island-dwelling series will run for 48 more episodes, to be spread out over three 16-episode seasons, before drawing to a close at the end of 2009-10 season.

Whether that end is heralded with the shattering of a tropical snowglobe, Jack awakening from a long dream, the completion of a stint in purgatory or—as is most likely—some heretofore unseen scenario, the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 will, one way or another, make their way off the island.

I'm gutted we are only going to have 48 more episodes and instead of 2 more seasons they are making it into 3!

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I don't get how people can stop watching it as, I need to know whats going on! I don't care if we have to wait till the last episode to get it, I just need to know.

I'm like that as well! At the start of the second season I said that I wasn't going to watch it because it was so frustrating, but in the end I watched it because I wanted to know what was going on and couldn't bare not knowing. It will be good to find out some answers though!

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