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Emma's graphics

Guest Emsan

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Your work is amazing! Especially love the two Kate blends! :D
Aw thank you! I'm glad that you like the blends. To tell you the truth, I like them better than my avatars lol.

Thank you so much Emma :D can't wait to see more of your amazing work :D
You are welcome! :wub: You don't have to wait long, here are some updates.


Played around a little in Photoshop and this is my results.


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I love the Sally ones from the page before. I like that style :)

These ones are also great. Again nice style and first one is my favourite.

You're great!

Thank you! I'm glad you like that style, I think I'm going to make more avatars in that way. I like them too lol.

Love the new av's, they are amazing :D

The 2nd one is my fav :D

Thanks! I think the first one is best lol.


I made a Sally signature.


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Your artwork is amazing. You have a great ability to put the right colouring and text together. I really like the Kate av's with the red highlights and that last sig is gorgeous! :)
Thank you so much!! :wub:

The Kate ones are simply amazing. Are you new to the forum? I love the text and the colouring. The red tint is really affective.

Well Done!

Can't wait for an update :)


Thanks! Yes I'm pretty new to this forum.


I just made a signature for a member at HAAC.


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Your sigs are amazing, love the colouring and text :D
Thank you so much! :wub:

That Sally sig is great! Colouring is amazing. Text fits well!

Same with that Jack/Martha sig :)

Nice work.

Thanks!! :wub:


Just an ugly Sally sig. I was bored so I tried some new things.


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