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I was bored so I made a blend. It's not that good but I'll post it anyway.


I love it! It is realy very good blend! :D

Thank you so much! :wub:

You're really great! Your avs are awesome! All are great :) I really love your blends; they are amazing!
Thanks, I'm glad you like my stuff.


Some Kate icons.


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I love that update! I adore the colouring :)

Favourites are 1th, 2nd and 4th.

Thanks! I love the first one, it's my favourite.

The Kate Avatars are stunning, again they have really gorgeous colouring :D
Thanks once again!! You are making me blush lol.


More Sally avatars. I wanted to do something different.


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Honestly, I don't actually know what to say! Everything is absolutely amazing. Just a huge well done...you're very talented :D.
Lol, your words are enough. I'm really flattered.

I love your work, its amazing :D would you mind if i used one of the Sally/Kate avatars, i will credit?
Thanks! Of course you can :wub:
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