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The Concert thread

Guest Di

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Back in The Day:


Disney Channel Kids' Awards (S Club 7 won Best Band and I literally cried with happiness).

Ronan Keating (with Mum :P)

Once my music taste had matured somewhat:



Good Charlotte

Blink 182

3 Doors Down


Guest list at an Ash gig for Channel 4! :D

I'm so glad you had a good night, Di!

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I've seen:

Green Day (x2)

Less Than Jake

New Found Glory

The Dropkick Murphys

The Living End (Aussie band! <3)

Taking Back Sunday

Jimmy Eat World


Wheatus (accidentally.. they were playing in the basement of Rock City, and no one seemed to want to watch them for very long..)

...I never went to any pop concerts when I was a kid but everyone else seems to have! xD

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First concert ever was 5ive(i ended up with J's sweat rag) haha i still have it

then i went and seen avril she was really good both gigs got front row and ive seen shannon noll he was really awesome was a present for mum but she took sick and couldnt go i ended up gettin him to sign a shirt for her though

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