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Action packed return to bay

Guest Andy

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Action packed return to bay

The Perth Advocate

23 January 2008

THE summer hiatus of Home and Away ends next week when the Summer Bay crew return for a new season, which sees the departure of Kate Ritchie.

When we last caught up with the residents of Summer Bay, Rachel was attacked and viewers finally found out the identity of the hospital attacker.

Over the years the long-running soap has specialised in welcoming viewers back with a dramatic story-line, whether it be the revelation of who survived another natural disaster in the bay or the return of the stalker. This time it's the appearance of Milco, Sally's not-so-imaginary friend, whose arrival is promising to change her life forever.

In the first episode back, the mystery of Sally s visitor is revealed, while the Reverend Hall has sinister plans for Rachel.

Also in the action-packed first week back, Belle must decide between her career and her ethics, and Sally discovers the truth about Milco, her childhood imaginary friend.

2008 marks the end of an era for Home and Away, without original cast member Kate Ritchie. Her final episodes are set to air in April.

Home and Away returns to our screens on Monday at 7pm.

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