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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings (by matticus01) - comments


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I knew Aden's next victim would be Mattie. :angry:

Hope Jack finds him.

Poor Lucas and Mattie! They lost their baby. :(

Poor Martha! She's so scared and she doesn't want Jack to come near her. :(

Aden didn't use protection. Martha better be ok and not pregnant. <_< Wait, Bec is the one writing this fic, everything could happen. <_<

Maybe their families are cursed.

More please.

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Well here it is and (Barbara) *smiles* :lol:


No preview? Does that mean that this was the last chapter?

No it isn't the end just yet...it just mean's i dont want you to know what happens in the next chapter

Is it because we're not going to like you? :P

Poor Mattie and Lucas! :(

Aden got what he deserved. :angry:

Hope Martha'll come back soon and she'll feel better.

Please update soon.

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*Evil grin* haha do you doubt me that much HM

actually i doubt myself

wait and see

Well, you never know :P

And you shouldn't doubt yourself :)

Anway, hate Kirsty :angry: How can she just walk up to Jack and say something like that?! Stupid girl >_< And she's a stalker too. Watching Jack :ph34r:

The preview doesn't sound very good, but I won't shoot you just yet. Because if I shoot you, I'll never know what happens :lol:

More please!

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