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Sensitivity (by Nicom) - comments


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Dedicated to Krystal. (Jamey-Maria). And her dad. Who is a swell guy. ;) Without them this would not exist. And so I'd be very bored right now.

I knew it! As I said on msn, as soon as I read that ^ I knew what was coming!

What have you done Nicole :lol:

His manhood will forever suffer as a result of this fic :P

Why was I left sharing a bed with this... pansy? Crying into his pillow because a girl touched his “winky” in a “magical” way?

*Rachel Laughs her ass off*

You killed me with this oneshot lol

OK, firstly, I loved the descriptions, and I can imagine how difficult it would be to write an entire one shot in a POV style.

So bravo for that!

It was a perfect mixture of sweet fluff, and comedy ... it worked incredibly well.

I loved how you included all the aspects of their first date as well, it really brought back the memories

Pity the ending showed just how much of a pansy Jack really is :P

Well, fantastic writing, as always, you know I love your work. You always write something original and somehow manage to put a smile on my face!

And thanks to Krystals dad, for telling it how it really is :lol:

Great oneshot Nic!

PS. Jacks still my hero :P

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My first reaction after reading this was




Brilliant writing. Loved the date, as Rachel said, brought back some fond memories ^_^

Jack was so sweet throughout the night

but then !!!!


Hilarious. As you said, a twist that would change JMs whole life.

Great descriptions and an unusual twist. A very good one shot :D

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I was in complete and utter shock when i read that last part, the next morning, with Jack crying. I was trying so hard to control my laughter, my brother was asking me what i was doing so many times.

OMG that was just hilarious. I realised after i read the crying part why you were dedicating this to Krystals dad :lol:

Great writing Nicole, as alwayz :)

Poor Martha

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Haha, an absolutely brilliant fic! I stumbled across it by coincidence because I was gonna add a link to its comments, and when I read the note you added at the end I just HAD to read it! :lol:

Great work, I just loved it all, especially the last part and the way you ended it. Well done! :D

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