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Australian Spoilers - 2008

Guest Frankie

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We don't mind you posting these on other sites but please credit BttB if you do so. Thanks..

So here they are.... the spoilers for week 1.... :D

Week 1: January 28th - February 1st 2008

Block 913


Monday: Who is the guy who is following Sally? Will the 20 year mystery be revealed? Roman and Irene start again. What are Reverend Hall's plans for Rachel?

Tuesday: Will Sally learn the truth about Milco? Summer Bay reacts to the truth behind the hospital attacker. Belle must decide between her career and her ethics.

Wednesday: Belle deals with the fallout from her decision. Geoff and Annie cope with yet another test of their faith. Dom wakes up.

Thursday: There is huge news for Cassie and Henk. Can Rachel forgive her attacker? Sam is ready to fight for her man.

Friday: It's finally over between Ric and Matilda. Martha discovers another side to Sam. Henk receives some life changing news.

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We don't mind if you post these spoilers on other sites but please have the courtesy to credit BttB if you do so. Thank you. :D

Week 2: February 4th - 8th 2008

Block 914


Monday: Henk and Martha go to great lengths to keep a secret from Cassie. The serial attacker escapes from hospital. Is romance in the air for Rachel and Roman?

Tuesday: Annie finds herself in a dangerous situation. Geoff makes a life changing decision. Caught in a love triangle, will Rachel decide with her heart or her head?

Wednesday: Is friendship blossoming into romance for Rachel and Tony? Will a dreaded phone call ruin everything? An old favourite moves Back to the Bay.

Thursday: Cassie is hit by a car - after finding out her blood results. Sally confronts Miles about their connection.

Friday: Miles has a shock revelation for Sally.

Remember to check back here from time to time as we sometimes get additional spoilers which we can post nearer to the date that the episodes go to air.

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We don't mind if you post these spoilers else where but please do us the courtesy of crediting BttB. Thank You. :D

Week 3: February 11th - 15th 2008

Block 915


Monday: Rachel puts her indifferences aside to help a friend. Sally is reunited with a very special person. Johnny Cooper breaks out of jail. Is he headed for Summer Bay?

Tuesday: Aden makes it his mission to get Geoff to retaliate. Ric becomes Cassie's pillar. Johnny returns to Summer Bay.

Wednesday: Johnny could strike at any moment. Irene puts a plan into place to expose Dom's true colours. Rachel gets a romantic surprise.

Thursday: Can Annie's faith survive another blow? Aden pushes Geoff too far. Summer Bay farewells a favourite.

Friday: Roman's secret past is revealed. Johnny makes his move. Which Summer Bay favourite is attacked?

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Week 4: Feb 18th - 22nd 2008

Block 916

4576 - 4580

Monday: Distress sweeps the bay, when a loved one is rushed to hospital.

Tuesday: Johnny blackmails someone to help him. Who could it be? In an act of defiance against God, Annie puts herself in grave danger.

Wednesday: Sam helps Johnny. What power does he hold over her? A guilty charge falls on Aden's innocent shoulders. Annie rejects her brothers love.

Thursday: Sam puts her family and friends in danger as she moves Johnny Cooper into Tony's house. Will a teenage road trip turn into the trip from hell? Leah's world comes crashing down.

Friday: The bay tries to cope with the terrible news when a loved one dies. Johnny watches Matilda as she sleeps. What danger is she in?

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Week 5: February 25th - 29th 2008

Block 917

4581 - 4585

Monday: Sally helps a friend overcome their grief in the most unexpected way. Time is running out for Sam, as Johnny's threats intensify.

Tuesday: Cassie and Ric discover the truth about recent tragedies back home. Aden faces criminal charges. Two surprise guests return to Summer Bay! Irene lands herself in hot water when she attempts to defend Annie.

Wednesday: Cassie has an upsetting realization about her illness. Ric and Matilda take one step closer to reconciliation. Jazz sets her sights on Tony.

Thursday: Sam's crisis worsens when she is accused of having an affair. Rachel and Jazz battle it out over Tony.

Friday: Summer Bay pays tribute to one of their favourites. Ric and Matilda are finally reunited!

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Week 6: 3rd - 7th Mar 2008

Block 918


Monday 3rd March: Is Sally's job on the line? How far will Johnny go? An unexpected guest arrives.

Tuesday 4th March: Annie finally decides to go and visit Sally. Will Johnny have the chance to tell the truth about Sam? Tony finally sees a more humane side to Jazz. Why has Henk returned to Cassie’s life?

Wednesday 5th March: Annie comes clean about what really happened with Aden. The rift continues to grow between Belle and Drew. A newspaper article inadvertently reveals another side to Aden. Aden and Bartlett go head to head.

Thursday 6th March: Has Aden met his match in Bartlett? Will Tom's final prediction come true? Miles takes the final step and moves on from his past.

Friday 7th March: Martha and Roman's attraction continues to build. Belle is torn between her career and her ethics. What will Sam do when Johnny regains consciousness? Will Sam be forced to tell the truth?

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Week 7: 10th - 14th March 2008

Block 919

4591 - 4595

Monday: Belle's re-written article paints Sally as a villain. Things with Roman and Martha heat up. Will Drew make Belle choose between him and her job?

Tuesday: Outrage spreads over Belle's article about Sally. Leah receives a call from America about Dan. Is it the end for Belle and Drew? A Summer Bay favourite leaves town.

Wednesday: Miles is offered a fresh start. Sam battles her conscious over killing Johnny. Jack's informed Johnny was murdered!

Thursday: What is Roman's plan and will it work? Annie sets her sights on being matchmaker. Sam tangles herself further into a web of lies. Rachel develops suspicions that Sam could be lying.

Friday: Cassie's rejected after sharing her secret. Noel propositions Ric. Noel begins his plan of puppet master.

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Week 8: 17th - 21st March 2008

Block 920

4596 - 4600

Monday: Who is the mystery blonde in Roman's life? Cassie's secret spirals out of control. What does Noel have in store for Ric?

Tuesday: Roman drops a bombshell on Martha. Leah finally gets some good news. Sally decides it's time to make some changes.

Wednesday: Miles pulls a trump card on his first day at school. Roman reveals the truth about his past. Annie's mission to fix Geoff's love life turns disastrous.

Thursday: Sam takes extreme measures to allay suspicion. But has she fooled everyone? Why has Drew returned to the Bay?

Friday: Summer Bay says a final goodbye to a loved one. Geoff and Annie help Belle rally after her break up. Will Sam be exposed by something she can't control or will her plan work?

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Week 9: 24th - 28th March 2008

Block 921

4601 - 4605

Monday: Unemployment is the least of Ric's worries when Noel starts getting persuasive. Jazz's latest scheme works perfectly. Is it all over for Sam when Jack finally reads Johnny's letter?

Tuesday: Sam's secret is out. Jazz finally gives up on winning Tony. Martha and Roman take another step forward.

Wednesday: Jack has a terrible decision to make. Cassie faces her greatest fear revealing she is HIV positive. Why is Aden so shaken by Cassie's admission?

Thursday: Cassie's actions cause trouble for Miles. We learn more about Aden and his past. Colleen makes a discovery that will change her life.

Friday: Aden gets some good news when his test results come back, but something worse still looms. Colleen's big news leads to a bigger misunderstanding.

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Week 10: 31st March - 4th April 2008

Block 922

4606 - 4610

Monday 31st March:

Jack gives Sam an ultimatum. Aden confronts his father about the years of abuse he suffered. Aden is involved in a terrible accident.

Tuesday 1st April:

Will Aden survive? Sally's fate unfolds.

Wednesday 2nd April:

Goodbye Cassie. Jack goes to the police with evidence incriminating his wife for murder.

Thursday 3rd April:

Tears across the universe as we see the end of Sally Fletcher.

Friday 4th April:

Tragedy strikes and panic sweeps through Summer Bay - some of our favourite residents lives will be changed forever.

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