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Story Title: HOSTAGE.

Type of Story: Not to Sure yet ( depends on what people think of it).

Starring: Many ot the bay residents. Any I liked whether they're dead in the show or not.

BTTB Rating: A, SC, L, V, N.

Genre: bit of everything (we'll see how it flows)


Proof read: NO

SUMMARY: It's a SummerBay party to celebrate the new drama college opening within the school but what started as a happy celebration soon gets ugly.

Who has a grudge and why bring it to the bay?

As the residents look back and reflect, will any of them realise their true feelings?

Will any of them survive?

Well there's the summary, let me know what you are all thinking and I'll continue............

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Sally sat against the wall her hand firmly tightened around her husbands, her eyes scanning the others, all sat against the walls around the drama hall, some crying, some shaking, others just staring at the floor, and then there's Jack, his nose bleeding, poor martha, trying to keep calm. Nine hours ago she was sat around the dining room table eating breakfast, laughing with her family thining what a special and happy day this was going to be, her new drama college was finally opening.

Now here she is sat on the cold floor watching all the people she knew,loved and respected holed up in one room, not being allowed to escape not being able to celebrate. She felt a tear rolling down her cheek, and heard a sob escape from her throat ;no, sally you have to stay strong, you're the principle of this school, you have to act like one. PRINCIPLES DO NOT CRY' She thought to herself. She felt Brad's grip tighten and she took the strength from it, glancing around the room again, she had to know her guests were ok. After a few moments silence Sally heard a commotion from the other side of the room, she turned to see colleen shouting at one of the masked men 'shut up women you going to get yourself killed' she thought to herself as she watched the man place a gun to colleens head, she soon sat down, tutting as she did so. 'who are these people? what do they want with my school' she thought.

Standing up, Sally cleared her throat, just had she'd done four hours earlier when she welcomed her guests to the school and declared the new college open. Brad reached out for her hand again but Sally pulled it away.

' Excuse me, I'm Sally Saunders Armstrong' she said holding her hands in the air, she didn't know why but it made her feel a little safer, 'I'm the principle here, can I ask why your here and what it is you want?' She directed this at the man stood in the middle of the room, the man that seemed to be i charge. The man stared straight into her eyes, they were so cold, but so familiar, she just couldn't place them. The man walked over to Sally and leaned in he replied ' to see the looks on your faces' he hissed into her ear and walked away. Every time he had spoken to someone he had leaned in close almose whispering to them it's as if he didn't want them to hear his voice, but why?

Sally sat back down shaing uncontrollably leaning into brad for warmth and comfort, Brad kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her. Sally looked over to where Cassie and Ric sat, they too were cuddling, holding each other and matilda for dear life, they looked so vulnerable, she couldn't lose them, they were her children, her life. Why couldn't this ust end?


Peter sat still a protective hand over his wives ever swelling belly, taking in everything and everyone. HE desperately wanted to the play the hero cop, but knew his wife, baby and son were more important. He could see the men were heavily armed and knew what they doing from the start, professionals if you like. There were seven of them six men and one women, all dressed in black all with masks on and all with at least two guns. they had three big douffal bags with them, one, which was already open had rope in it, god knows what the others contained, he noticed that one of them was carred in very very carefully and was carried in by two men each holding a strap concentrating on how and where they walked. He had a feeling what that was, he'd looked over at Jack who's face said the same as him. He wouldn't say anything, didn't want to cause mass histeria after all. He also noticed that the 'main man' never approached anyone and stayed well back not making eye contact with anyone. Was he scared of being recognised? The only time he had approached anyone was when Sally questioned him and by the look after their exchange sally was scared by him, did she realise who it was, he tried to geting sally's eye sight to see if he could figure it out but she never once loked over there constantly looking at the floor or over to where cassie and ric sat. Peter fel Amandas hand tighten and looked up to see one of the men approaching him ' don't even think about pulling any heroisms copper ok?' the guy said pulling peter up and checking his pockets. Peter put his hands in the air ' No sir' her replied ' I just want to get out of here safe and sound he looked at Amanda and the bump to show why, the man only slightly bigger than himself pushed him back down, turned around and walked back to the middle of the room he whispered to the 'main man' who then ponted out Jack and Fitzy, both sat against the stage, the cronie who had searched him went over and did the same to his two officers, spending an awful long time searching his women officer, groping her as she went, he saw fitzy's face and desperately wanted to help, but knew he couldn't. ' so they knew we were officers? who is it?' peter thought to himself, trying to see into the mans eyes trying to figure him out.


Tasha had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, what was it about him? She stared at him trying to figure it out. ' Stop staring at him' her husband said in a quiet voice, not wanting to be heard but needing to stop his wife staring. Tasha stood apprehensively, ' Hello' she called out, ' excuse me' the man looked over and quickly looked away not giving her enough time to see him, within seconds the women was right on top of her ' I suggest you sit down right now lady' she growled, tasha sat and said ' I just wanted to ask for water' she looked up at the women who shuck her head and walked away. Robbie squeezed her hand. Tasha watched as the women went over and spoke to him, she eyed the back of his head willing him to turn around, he never did, just nodded. The women walked back over with a bottle of water from the refreshment stand she'd helped Sally set up earlier. She handed it to Tasha and growled yet again ' Share it around Tasha ok' The women walked off. ' How did she know my name' she thought as she took a sip of the water and passed it to her husband. She coughed hoping to catch his attention but being patted on the back by Irene, who was sat at the side of her. She smiled a small smile of thanks to Irene and settled back down against the wall, her hand firmly in robbies. ' this time last week, we were celebrating Ellas birthday and the news I was now a qualified drama teacher with a job at my ld high school, now i'm sat here guns all around, wy does it happen to me?' Tasha thought as let tears roll down her cheeks. She saw a tissue in front of her face, looking up she saw the mystery man holding it, his down looking at the floor, she took it and he sauntered off. 'why did she know that smell and those hands, who did they belong to?'

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Matilda stared over to where Lucas sat, catching his eye, he smiled slightly, probably trying to reassure she thought as she gave a little smile back. ' God, why now?' she thought. She scanned the room again until she found Tony, he was sat next to Jack his hands hugging his knees, his eyes pointing at the floor. That morning before she made her way to the opening her and Lucas had finally plucked up the courage to tell Tony they were back together and deeply in love, some really horrid things were said by all and now she might never get him back. Her and Lucas were so much in love and couldnt believe the way Tony had reacted. The last thing she had said to him was you are not my father and you never will be, she stood and watched the colour drain from his face, the paleness enter his eyes and heard the lump hitting his throat, the he'd walked out. They both called fter him bt to no avail. Not long after they'd arrived at the school, Tony had turned up, the look he had given them killed her, then he'd spent the rest of the time dodging them. It was just after they'd split up hoping one of them would corner him that the hall was stormed and here she is now, holding onto Ric and Cassie not wanting to every let go. She looked over to Lucas again, he was staring at where Tony was sitting his face full of dissapointment. Just then one of the men came upto her and asked her to stand, she saw Lucas tense, standing up Matilda felt her knees wobble. ' Why do you keep staring over there, Whats going on?' MAtilda froze for a minute, ' I was looking over at my boyfriend thats all' she felt her stomach tighten. The man grabbed her arm ' oh well why didn't you say you were missing him hey?' He turned to look over to Lucas ' Are you missing her too buddy?' He called gripping her arm tighter and making her yelp. Lucas stood up but was immediatley pushed bac down by one of the others. The man pushed matilda over to where Lucas was sitting laughing as he did so ' there you go lovers reunited hey' the others laughed too, everyone except the main man. Matilda pulled her self along the rest of the groud and into Lucas' arms. She felt that tiny bit more safer. Looking over to where tony was she caught him looking, relief in his eyes, when he saw her looking he let his eyes fall to the ground again. MAtilda began to cry, quietly she buried her face into her lovers shirt, gripping his arms tighter.


Lucas stared over to where Matilda was sitting, he could see the nervousness in her face as she twisted her eye brows, as she looked over to him he smiled hoping to reassure her a little, she smiled back, it seemed to have worked. He followed her eyeline to where his dad was sitting next to Jack, whose nose had now stopped bleeding. His dad was sat on the floor his arms wrapped around his knees, his eyes looking at the ground. He regretted his actions this morning immediately. Him and Matilda were back together and very much in love and they'd told Tony this morning, his dad had hit the roof, saying some relly hurtful things especially to Matilda. Lucas had took a swing at his dad, but had, luckily, missed. Then Matilda said what she had and he watched in horror as his dad drained in colour, he heard his dads throat fill with a bump, he saw his dads eyes fill as he'd ran from the house. Matilda was so guilty straight away. They'd spent all morning trying to speak to him, and still they hadn't managed and now here he was sat on his own, the people he loved most in different areas of the room. Him sat between two total strangers, what he'd do to set the clock back a few hours and start the day again. Just then he heard a slight cafuffle from the area of the room Matilda was in, looking up her was one of the men pulling Matilda to her feet, lucas tensed up, he heard Matilda saying she was looking over at her boyfriend then heard her yelp when that idiot tightened his grip on her arm, Lucas immediatley stood and started to move his feet but before he could take one step hands had appeared on his shoulders and pushed him back to the floore. He could only watch as matilda was thrown across the floor towards him, he could only watch as she dragged her self the rest of the way, he pulled her into him, wrapping both his arms protectively around her putting his hand over her head. He looked again, over to where his dad was sat catching his eyes for a few seconds, then they were back looking at the ground, Lucas felt Matildas shoulders start to shake and fists tighten up as she began to sob, he pulled her in even tighter and kissed the top of her head. He hoped this would all end soon, so he could make her safe again.


Tony pulled his arms tighter around his legs, he kept his eyes firmly to the ground not wanting to look up not wanting to see Lucas and Matilda going through such an ordeal. He could feel jacks breathing on he side of his neck. Why the hell did he handle the situation like that this morning? He should have seen it coming, Lucas and Matilda had grown extremely close in the past few months, helping each other come to terms with the death of Beth and then Rc and Matildas break up. He honestly didn't know why he was so angry at them this morning. He could see the happiness in their eyes when they were telling him, thats all he ever wanted was for them to be happy. Matilda had said that really awful thing to him in the heat of the moment and he'd bolted it, not knowing what to say or do. After walking along the beach for what felt like ever he's ended up at the door of Irenes house, the women he had grown to love, the women he was going to ask to marry him. They'd talked and talked and tony had admitted to her that secretly he was happy for Lucas and Matilda but still needed ome time to ingest it. The rest of he dy he had avoided talking to them, busying himself instead talking to all his friends. He saw from the corner of his them kiss and split up in the drama hall, then all hell had broken loose and it had taken him a while to find them both, breathing sighs of relief when he eventually spotted them. Tony heard a commotion and looked up, one of the guys had Matilda by the arm, he couldn't hear what was being said but could see the dread on her face. He heard her yelp and went to stand up but was pulled down by Jack. He could only watch as she was thrown across the hall, he saw Lucas take her in his arms, he saw the relief in Lucas' face. He saw them both look over to him and felt the relief wash over him, he quickly looked down not wanting to invade their space. He looked up once more to see Matilda's face hidden into his son's shirt her bod shaking and watched as his youngest kissed the top of her head he thought to himself ' they really do love each other' he took a deep breath and looked down at the ground again.

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Irene watched Tony look back at the sobbing Matilda, and shook her head as he again returned his gaze to the floor. This morning before he'd turned up, she was in a really chirpy mood thinking how great life was at the minute, all the children she'd ever looked after were moving back to the bay, the diner was doing very well, she was madly in love with Tony. Then a certain mr Holden had turned up on her door step , he'd unloaded a whole lot of weight, which really wasn't weight onto her. In the end she'd told him to shut up, get off the high horse he was and be happy. That's when he admitted he secretly was happy for his son, so why was he still avoiding them? she thought to herself. Irene could feel Tasha digging at her and when she felt it was safe to look she turned to see the women she saw as her daughter mouth something. 'what?' she thought to herself, staring back at Tony.


Barry stood leaning against the tree he head stood many times when he was principle at this very school ' why now' he thought. He'd gotten out of prison that very day, a day early, and wanted to surpise his son and his wife. When he'd gotten to the house the babysitter told him they were all at the school, so he'd headed down there to be confronted by poice crawling the site. He approached one officer an asked what was going on, the officer simply said 'hostage situation', and walked away. Now they were just around seemingly doing nothing. god, he could scream right now why don't they just get in their and sorting out. He wanted to see Kim, Rachel and their adopted son james who he had yet to meet. NOw he was tood outside not being able to do anyting, not knowing whether his on was definatley in there, that's when he heard the shot ring out, he turned and ran towards the building before being dragged back by officers. \it was just one single shot but he had a fuuny feeling.


Kim held his wife colse as he watched the drama in front of him unfold. Jack lay in the middle of the floor his arm pumping ith blood, why had they shot him alls he did was asked to use the toilet. He watched as the shooter walked over tho the main man. He pointed over to where he and his wife were sitting. The goon walked over and pointed to Rachel 'Now doc it's your turn to be the hero, get saving' he pulled her to her fee pointing the gun directly at Kim 'stay' he said. Kim sat still watching as his beloved wife stepped into doctor mode demanding wraps, ties and ropes. Sitting their he suddenly felt proud, his wife was such an amazing person and come tomorrow he will have all his family back, he'd spent all day yesterday and also this morning getting his new flat ready for his dad. He looked over to where Hayley was sitting, her eyes were on him she was trying to tell him something but what he couldn't understand. He looked around for more clues, what was going on? Then a thought came to him 'how did he know my wife was a doctor?'.

There you go three more chapters for you.

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Great start. I love the way you manage to get so much drama into one room and that we get to see things from different angles :D

Wonder who the "main man" is :unsure: He's probably someone they all know, since he appears to know all of them :ph34r:

Irene and Tony? Didn't see that coming :lol:

I'm really curious to who the "main man" is and why they are keeping all these hostages. What is their plan? :huh:

More please!

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Finally, she caught Kim's eyes, holding his gaze for a few seconds, she gently moved her gaze over to the doorway, hoping he'd followed her.Kim gave her a very puzzled look, then eyes the door himself. He didn't get it did he? All her ope deflated. She'd seen why Jack had suddenly needed the toilet. There was a fire exit to the side of the stage, an exit that hadn't been chained. Kim was the nearest to steps leading to that side of the stage, but, Kim being Kim just looked puzzled. This time yesterdy, she was sat in a wonderful resteraunt with her delightful husband celebrating their six year wedding anniversary. She desperately wanted to se her husband right now. Haley heard some footsteps and looked back down to the ground she didn't want to risk the door being found. The feet went past her, continuning on the way round the hall. Hayley heard Jack scream out in pain she jumped and began to cry. Her main thought right now as the exciting news she'd had the day before. She was pregnant again, and they were going to tell their family this evening at the celebration barbecue. She placed her hand on her tummy.


Dani sat in the back of the police car biting her nails and staring ahead at the school in front of her. she turned her head to find her husband scott, who was trying to comfort Noah. Noah had turned up not ong after them and had flipped out hearning what was happening, he kept talking about the night with the stalker from when he was shot. Dani was thinking of all the people in that building, Irene, Tony, Hayley. Will and Gypsey were in there too. Dani began to bite her nails again. Dani saw movement in the corner of her eye and turned to see a bunch of officers moving into a circle heads together discussing something. After what felt like an eternity. The officers moved away and then the head officer came over to the crowd and started to talk he explined he needed people to tell him who they knew were definately in there. Then he calmly explained there wold be some movement soon and asked that everyone make there wy to the bayside diner where there would be an officer waiting with them giving them updates. Dani fell to the ground crying. The thought ofnot being there for her firends killed her. She felt Scotts arms go around her and together they made there way o the diner. As they moved Dani caught a flash from one of the windows. She stopped and stared harder there was someone else in that school, not in hall who was it? were they trying to get someones attention. Dani sloped over to the police officer and explained what she had seen. The officers immediately moved into action and a fuss around her began. Scott took Dani to the diner, where they sat in silence waiting. who was that?


Will sat staring at his sister on the other side of the room, he longed to go over and hug her, he caught a glisten on her cheek. It was his job to defend her it was his job to look after his little sister. Will felt gypseys hand tighten around his own. She would have known what he as thinking he knew that, he pulled his wife to him, holding her tightly. He started to think about the night before. Hayley had been out for a meal with Noah and he'd looked after hi two gorgeous nieces. During the time, his oldest niece had mentioned hayley had been at the hospital that day. All the thoughts he'd had that night about why she was at the hospital played again in his mind. He watched as hayley placed her hand on her tummy, was it what he first thought, was he going to be an uncle again. Will started to think about his own family, his three girls, the triplets and his eldest girl, they were all at school friends tonight, god he hoped they hadn't heard he didn't want them scared or worried. Will saw the main man stand up and walk towards Haley, walking staright past her he headed round the circle never actually looking up, what was it about him hat was going on. Will looked him up and down as he walked past on his wrist was one letter, one will assumed to be an initial that letter was a B. who was it?

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