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Has it really been 5 months! It doesn't even feel like that long since your last update! :o Wow! time sure does fly.

Absolutely gorgeous icons as per usual, Amy. I love that font on April.& That colouring goes so well with the screencaps you pick. I actually adore that colouring!:wub:

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Thank you so much everyone. :) Your comments are the reason I make these in the first place :) Always put a smile on my face.

QA, the font on the Sally/Pip icon is called "La Belle Aurore" and the font on the April icon is called "Sacramento". :)

I hopefully will have a new update soon, everyone. :)

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Back again! (and I only left it 2 months this time. haha!) Thank you all for the comments. They really are hugely appreciated :wub:

I've been watching a lot of older episode just lately, so I thought I'd make a small batch. Expect more from this kind of era in future updates, too. :P



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